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Use localization and api to streamline sql

Close select properly

Promote whole postgres sql to generic, as it is portable

Fix query in generic xql that was committed by mistake, replace it with the one for postgres, as it is portable, remove oracle query

Streamline sql to reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase, remove redundant query definitions

remove dead code

Reuse existing api and streamline queries to reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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whitespace cleanup

mark required parameters as required. Fixes issue #3347

Remove leftover call to dotlrn_community::type_exists

Allow themeing of /packages/acs-tcl/lib/complain

Add missing message

whitespace cleanup

Use subst instead of string quoting to improve readability (syntax highlighting)

Drop -postgresql.xql for "create_table" since there is no -oracle.xql and the -postgresql.xql is identical to inline code.

make code more robust, when connection is already closed

fix non-existing call to dotlrn_community::type_exists

Remove duplicated queries and logic, simplify idioms

Remove redundant query definitions

Make filters consistent with what the list displays (approved means live_revision not nulll and latest revision = live_revision)

UI improvements and fix

- make sql portable

- bring all sql inline

- reduce query duplication

- simplify if idioms

- fix UI by unclobbering revision_id variable and allowing to select revision correctly

Improvement and fixes for this UI

- improve localization

- exploit builtin multirow feature

- reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase

- remove unused sql columns

- invert boolean logics for approved and live to reflect sql clause behavior

Whitespace changes

Fix duplicated words


forcing this db_multirow to be executed, I found out {} idiom was missing and therefore shadowing extended columns to the template::list

Remove duplicated words

Use more portable sql idioms and simplify query using api, remove unused query

remove unreferences and broken files depending on data model changed more than 10 years ago

fix adp expressions

Fix regression when checking member state