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Use the name of the index page as a message-key

Change the titles for the portlet, use message-keys

Hide the description field in the pages form

- using for permission checking in editing the actual package type, not ::xowiki::Package (important for subpackages); many thanks to Hector Amado

Added comment to explain Dcc vs Bcc

Rolling back Victor's change. DCC is correct (BCC wouldn't work as expected).

Changed a query to use cr_revisions directly rather than as_item_choice's

select view, because (ahem) assessment doesn't actually create type metadata

for its types so the view is never created.

Removed *imsld* from dotlrn-extras. It will reappear in a future release

after problems are fixed, hopefully.

Fixing an issue for those instances that dont have a global folder.

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most likely the author meant BCC instead of DCC.

redefining install_handler proc when NaviServer is used.

Finished documenting existing Tcl API. Fixed some bugs that had crept in

that were keeping the automated tests from working.

Added preliminary versions of view support. Documented some of the Tcl API.

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Fixing the property group forms, so they dont refresh the whole page but just the content area.

Removing the "Act" node from the activity tree.

Fixed the tree to take the isvisible default as true.

Showing the "select resource" message only if there is more than one resource.

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package_exec_plsql didn't work if the sql proc being called has a parameter

named "package_name"...

Update the namespace of the procs for the .LRN Planner

Removed broken upgrade script

remove html security check bypass for admins in the richtext validation per OCT discussion

Update the name of content to look for the site node

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Build the url of items the same way as title is (will make the code easier to read)

alias for *eduwiki*

Initial import dotlrn-eduwiki package

Initial import eduwiki-portlet package

Initial revision

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Initial import eduwiki package

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Fixing the individual reports so they work if only the activity_id is provided.

Adding messages to know whats going on during the import of the UoL.

Changing the show/hide panel icon for a more proper one.

file application_side_contract.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-5.

file application_side_expand.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-5.