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Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null' and update doc accordingly

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Fix typos

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normalize boolean expressions in .adp files

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Fix a bunch of typos

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Fix typos

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Fix typos

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commenting out ecds_ dependency

updating description for updating products now not requiring product_name

making product_name not required for price updates etc.

adding sku to admin/products/search, making search more user friendly, adding a guess to sku search results if no exact match exists

increasing search field input lengths, adding warning in case there are duplicate skus in ec_products

fixing minor typos

adding more upkeep points for auto cache of product files, and more convenient options to bulk update products by vendor

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adding another bulk import/update capability

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heh. this tested fix works through the form workflow unlike the last fix attempt

fixing my mis-application of available_date

fixing for cases previously not checked

fixing bad adp tag syntax

minor code fixes, more consistent ui for image management

making errors more relevant by defining a var early

first attempt at adding optional credit card security cvv2/cvc2/cid processing

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updating xql to match improvements in the matching tcl file

fix image import due to proc changes

minor fixes and improvements to add a product

improving flow of image upload, removing redundant code and hanging comments

close hanging if

fixing product import count

might be working with these changes.. a local convert is being problematic so cannot fully verify quite yet

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adding standardization filtering to user input filename