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Remov epackage version from catalog file. Add count to list.

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Keep form entries on image upload.

Make continuing education info optional

Various cleanup and clarification of user interface from Carl B.

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Fix image url to use revision so browser caching won't show the wrong


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Set coped images live revision.

Fix handling if image is not assigned.

Fix setting of site wide image so it works.

Handle multiple user_ids correctly.

Fix spacing on RML pdf template.

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Fix spacing in certificate template. Return content disposition header

with filename for downloading certificates.

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Center form field to mimic certificate.

Adding certificate printing capability. If reportlab python library is

installed the system will allow printing of PDF certificates based on


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Add filter. Fix percentage display.

Add link to attendance by student from portlet.

Add filter for minimum days attended.

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fix typo in attendance.info, remove code that looks for custom fields on another table

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also make sure that the attendance admin page fails gracefully with a nice error message and a link to create session calendar type if a session calendar type does not exist, add the tcl file that creates the session and redirect back to attendance admin page

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Added ds support if it is available to prevent showing the adp location

Parameterized custom fields

remove extra columns in the printable attendance sheet

add printer friendly view of attendance page

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add button to check all participants for email

fixed mark attendance page, special needs and medical need column were causing errors

add additional fields in the attendance mark page

completed support for sending emails via attendance

link up attendance with dotlrn-bulk mail to allow admins to email attendees, ported querries to work on oracle

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various update, bug fixes and changes to dotlrn-ecommerce, attendance, expenses and expense-tracking

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commit most recent changes from ecwork to cvs head, dotlrn-ecommerce added patron support, fix UI, added mos link to mos ticket tracker, bug fixes, new page flow for participants and patrons, category widget bugfix, bug fixes for expenses and expense tracking, create custom ecommerce pages for transactions done by admin for participant/patron, add anon-eval package, ae-portlet package and dotlrn-ae package to repository

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commit new attendance package that uses part of evaluation data model and API

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