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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
added commit on openacs for sscheder

added commit options

karma to alvaror for planner and pages, and aliases

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
karma for alvaror on evaluation/evaluation-portlet

alvaro karma on *learning-content* packages

karma on categories dotlrn-content content-portlet

eliminating entries miguelm lars peterm, this needs more cleanup

karma for stefans over rep

Added derickl ...

Avail for byronl on packages dotlrn-content, content-portlet

Give agustinl write on all openacs-4

avail abelp over imsld*



karma granted to cesarc for merge failing packages

Add Raul Morales and Alberto Pesquera as committers

Change anvik to avni

Give Alex Sokoloff access to the entire tree

Adding Christian Brechbuhler to cvs committers

Add avnik Avni Khatri as a committer.

Grantting permissions to Byron Linares ( bhlr@galileo.edu)

to the new project: installers.

Adding Pablo Moreno-Ger as committer.

Give dirk temporary power to create a new project

Adding Byron Linares ( bhlr@galileo.edu ) as committer for some

core packages. He is helpping us with some constraints that

does not follow the naming standar.

removing avail|derickl|openacs-4/packages

Adding Byron Linares ( byronl ) as a committer (packages/acs-tcl).

He will be helpping with the test cases.

avail|juanpa|openacs-4/packages/acs-tcl Juan Pablo Amaya, Cauca, Colombia

Adding Mario Aguado as a committer.

avail cesarh acs-tcl

Granting commit to Aiman Turani recommned by Rafael Calvo.