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i18n update

Cleaned up display a bit ... if you say "groupsize is 10" you now see

a groupsize of 10 displayed not 11. If groupsize is 1 you only get next/prev

page nav widgets rather than both page and group nav widgets.

added picking up of old sessions where you left them

add xotcl modules and karma for Gustaf Neumann

Change the form by obtain de date

added check for required questions, showing next button if allowed, saving not answered questions; removed old unused files

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correcting order on events alias

events openacs-4/packages/contrib/events alias

Fix variable reference in footer.

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Fix edit link display in footer.

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Added per-instance list builder caching ...

karma on acs-lang to victorg

Fixing error in display of multiple assessments in the assessment portlet

Added <div id=register-login> so we could control the look of the login box via CSS (at least a little)

Adding Catalog for Spanish GT (es_GT)

file dotlrn-evaluation.es_GT.ISO-8859-1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Adding Estimated Time to the Assigments

Changing to user email_image

miguelm karma on dotlrn-portlet

added support for resubmit of answers; removed unnecessary empty revisions when creating a new item

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Changing messages

More messages

Fixing context bar and changin buttons name

Fixing link

Making some changes in link and display

If there's no whitespace before truncate_len, then just truncate at the given index, instead of leaving us with an empty string

Log the request time as well. See: http://panoptic.com/wiki/aolserver/nslog

Changing row() for sysdate

change email to email_image

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change email to email_image