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fix this broken and probably unused list filter template

HTML strict cleanup

Realeasing the handler in case we got it.

Changed the privilege necessary to modify the page layout from "write" to


Further refinements to making names unique (I forgot to commit one change

yesterday, and further testing uncovered another case of undesirable


Last commit was a bit hasty ...

1. Fixed cache problem that caused the pageset configuration page to blow up.

2. Rather than bomb on duplicate tab and url names for pages, which can arise

when deleting then adding pages as well as admin-provided names, "uniquify"

them. The admin can, of course, then rename them to something more reasonable

if they want.

Don't show the tabs if there is only one and the ShowSingleButtonNavbar param is set to false

minor revisions to improve use cases of displayed info. Added show_product_files proc so display can be included in product template instead of exclusively managed via adp template.

Only call the destructor of an includelet when the last of a set of clones

is deleted.

(my commit to layout-manager is incorrect, I simply added an boolean param

to the element delete proc that determines if the destructor is called. The

notion of cloning and the deletion of clones comes from the includelets

admin code in layout-managed-subsite, and it is this code that determines

when to call an includelet's destructor.)

Only call an includelet's destructor when the last clone is deleted.

Changed to require admin privilege to edit (the scripts are under www/admin

and the button was being shown inappropriately).

minor revisions from the field, these are for working on aolserver 4.5.1

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    • +118
Fixed unique constraints

Don't kill the whole search page if a datasource or other proc fails on one item. Log info on the error.

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ecommerce now has an efficient way of generating a list of categories that each product uses for including with product display page ecommerce/www/product etc

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Added lorsm and news includelet alias

Added chat-includelet alias

Filter on apm_application to build the list of packages that can be mounted in a subsite

Add overflow for portlet style so the border will wrap around the inner content

Changed index.vuh to use the new rp_form_update proc rather than rp_form_put,

since page_num was already being passed along by some packages.

Removed index.adp and index.tcl because they've been moved to serve.tcl and

serve.adp, which are referenced by index.vuh.

Added rp_form_update, like rp_form_put but calls ns_set update instead of

ns_set put.

Spanish translation

Improve the RSS content format

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Fix param value to pass to calendar-item-type. Actually should use the existing cal-options includelet available in calendar instead of recoding that part here

Make sure you always cascade when dropping the views or it will fail.

Changed db_flush to use the ns_cache names pattern construct to only return

the matching names, rather than return all names then flush those that match

the pattern (I was unaware that names took a pattern arg, how embarrasing!)

Fixes Bug#3176 remove extra column from subquery in where clause

Show the pool name in the report. It might be handy and otherwise why are we collecting it.

Don't overwrite error value when replacing bind variables