raulm in OpenACS

remove old limitation that forbids acs_objecs of more than 8 digits

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disable old integer limit that forbids objects with more than 8 digits via regexp

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max_time_to_complete does not belong to assessment_data

fixed scores

wrong edit this question url

added s to info commands because info command is not valid and it was giving write and read permissions to all registerd users (-2) when editing a room

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removed site nodes update as it wasn't doing anything (called with package_id instead of node_id) and it really is not necesary here because we are leaving the site node unchanged

added site nodes update and corrected package rename to use the api so we dont have to restart the server to see the changes

updating package instance name when renaming departments or subjects

replicate Emma's referer fix on HEAD

doing the case logic outside where_clause as this case syntax is only for postgresql

modified where true with where 1=1 in oracle and create distinct files for both dbs

fixed placing of rownum

fixed oracle query, rownum=1 instead of limit 1

only shows notification chunk when within a community

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bumps version to force execution of upgrade and adds callback

upgrade that fixes permissions and removes requests for personal calendars

file apm-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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fixes personal calendar permissions that were inherited by default

ported latest postgres changes to oracle

reverting change made to fix flat mode oracle as it has been solved in the xql file

added t alias to for postgresql compatibility

fixes an order_by clause that was broken for oracle in flat mode

makes all messages dates in a thread show in local time of the user reading, previously just the first post worked this way