rafael in OpenACS

fixed bug 2608. made portlet 1 column

added h2 class in portlet-title to fix bug 2659 and leave /pvt/home as is

added i18n key

added i18n keys

Fixed I18n keys and checked look in plain openacs install

Added preferences page. It should be dropped if we can use acs-subsite/www/pvt/home instead

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fixed conditional for theme selection

spacing issues in status. fixed 2607

Removed duplicated Logout - fixed bug 2658

added 'button' class to CSS, fixes bug 2671

corrected to use courseCssUrl parameter

bullet image (add)

removed Logout and change locale tabs

fixed link

fixed broken link

removed junk </properties> tag

conditionals for context and title...

added conditionals in case displayed_object_id or header stuff are not defined

removed the properties that were breaking the code

Added information about openacs/dotlrn, links and resources so newbies know what to do after install

removed my email

moved logout form navbar to top

added admin link for classes (in regexp)

corrected some default values for tabs and images

communities portal. should be changed

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several fixes for looks

added global images for the site

If dotlrn is not installed the selva-site-master are used

If dotlrn are installed use selva-lrn-master

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Selva flex is a design that does not require images

core CSS file with all the default values