marka in OpenACS

fix to argument order in ChangePassword - also patch to allow changing password when using password binding

compilation error due to bad plpgsql body

upgrading from older versions never have this privilege created

fixed typo and made postgres 8.3 compliant

added function util::random_list_element which returns a random element from the given list

added temporary db flushing option (to fix later)

fixing key clash

allow image column (but ignore) so the same file can be used for image upload

small bug fixes

adding way to get to existing cart in default templates

added some more templating and caching

stop bumping admins to login page for timed-out logins

fixed some bugs and templated

allow use from other paths eg. within admin directories

made category bulk upload by name work, also some browsing bug fixes

previously was creating a cartesian self-join on headers and footers!

meant to include these links previously

partial template-isation of index and category pages

begun refactor of image support:

* created new ecommerce::resource package and moved eg. thumbnail creation there from various places

* added support for two sizes of thumbnail

* added smaller thumbnail to category-browse page

* changed default product template to use larger thumbnail and use new ::resource procs

* fixed bulk image importing page

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admin index converted to tcl/adp pair

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pragmatically resolving bug #2324

removing apparently unused files

portrait-bits now accepts an optional size parameter for eg. returning avatar sized images

added new size for portrait avatars

Adding the parameter needed for Dave's excellent image:: procs

I wonder who put this there! page_name_query was originally there and seems to work fine...

I wonder who put this there! page_name_query was originally there and seems to work fine...

I wonder who put this there! I think page_name_query is the right value - seems to be

now made ambiguous by acs_objects.title

currency::widget now honours display mode (previously ignored it)

currency::widget no longer stomps the trailing 0 off the fractional part (perviously it converted 50c into 05c over an edit/ok cycle and looked bad as well)