marioa in OpenACS

Fixed error when install dotlrn

Drop database type from generic sql file.

Fixed package forum-reading-info for Oracle.

Fixed context bar. This had a empty parameter.

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Fixed error on filename. It added extension to file with extension

Fixed errors on attachment for Oracle.

Fixed error with fs_context_bar_list: argument extra_vars isn't use. Add extra_vars to query.

Fixed problem with nabvar when name contain spaces.

Add reply_to column necessary to sweeper proc in call acs_mail_lite::send_immediately

Fixed error on portlet if forums_reading_info is actived.

Add a var for forums_reading_info new feature on forums. It exists on postgres already.

Fixed packaged body bug

Fixed problem on forum-view with messages(new_p) doesn't exist.

Fixed problem with query on oracle. Drop condition and !>>>!notifications.notif_date < sysdate because it doesn't exist on pg query.

Fixed problem with repeat parameter on procedure

Change de table name for Oracle port.

Upgrade version with oracle compatibility

Change for ORACLE compatibility. The changes are tested with test procs.

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Changes for ORACLE compatibility after change datamodel

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Problem with PL/SQL function VIEWS_VIEW_BY_TYPE. Select return OCI_NO_DATA

Change for oracle compatibility and upgrade script for this.

Add oracle support and upgrade script from lors-oracle-port branch

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Problem with name with especial character. Command cd isn't executed and zip is executed in aolserver directory.

Resolve error with hotpotatoes ver 6 with var isSCORM null

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Update version for upgrade packages

Update version for upgrade postgres datamodel

Added new function for convert boolean types compatible with Oracle and PostgreSQL. Added this function where it's needed.

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Indented course structure

Extract SQL to XQL files.

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Added indent for no files organization items