lukep in OpenACS

fix problem in sql drop script

fix "cellpadding" typo that was causing bboard message list table to be very cluttered.

fix minor bug with name of auto-page-number sequence

Fix three obvious porting bugs I encountered when trying to use spam with Postgres.

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add UI for choosing date attribute type, and example of its use in the news application

Fix bug in etp-swap (thanks Jun)

fix two new bugs in get_content_items

Explain that you can't delete a site node that has other site nodes referring to it

Fix bug with placing two items with same name in trash folder

Remove nasty code for dropping constraints on content-repostitory audit table. The workaround is no longer necessary.

Fix bug in etp_get_folder that broke package mounting from the site-map.

make get_content_items more flexible

fix bug from package-name change

Contributing ETP to CVS server

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  1. … 63 more files in changeset.
add tree_sortkey to acs_messages to enable hierarchical queries on the reply_to field

fix small bugs

simple bug fixes

obvious bug fixes

ported all bboard pages for openacs4

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inital changes for openacs port

added all new files for port

ported data model

latest changes (post-beta 6) from aD repository

new from ad cvs