jiml in OpenACS

alter dtype::form::edit to accept a value for object_type; adjust the form

in www/form-ae.tcl so it passes object_type.

Needed because dtype::form::edit did not otherwise know how to get that value.

corrected misspelled variable name form_d -> form_id

a config parameter read used a hardwired server name; unhardwired it

added basic info about defining and using callbacks to docstring of ad_proc

alter csv_foreach so it properly handles continue, break, error, return

revert file to version 1.1

revert file to be same as vers 1.3

Add 9th and final row to listbuilder demo: add page group caching to pagination

delete should use template_demo_note as type, not note

finish fixing delete

delete should use template_demo_note as type, not note

Add eighth row to listbuilder demo: add non-cached pagination

Enhanced narrative text; changed filter name to color_filter_value to be

less confusing and because I think it was conflicting with the incoming

color value from the table.

fix typo in the define_function_args call for template_demo_notes__new:

if you want to use package_instantiate_object using some type <t>, then

your call to define_function_args for <t>__new needs to have the object_type

parameter defaulting to <t>

Add the color purple to the possible filter values

add 7th row of listbuilder demo: add a filter (needs oracle test)

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
finish up, make sure the add-edit.tcl refers to template_demo_note, not note

fix typos: note should really be template_demo_note

add support for color column in the queries to get a note and update one

Turn on the data model loading under oracle. (yes, BOLD move :)

correct no-data situation in where clause of oracle query

in some queries oracle claimed the title column ambiguous; fixed.

in third thru sixth rows, got the orderby clause from listbuilder (oracle)

Add 6th row of listbuilder demo, adding non-bulk action to add new note.

Having a problem where the sql of adding a new note tells the wrong type

to template_demo_note__new(); this happens somewhere in the call to

package_instantiate_object in the -new_data section of the form in


  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
move the sample data include to where it belongs; reformat some code

for oracle it's sysdate, not now()... corrected those.

activate the inserting of sample data on the postgres side; it works.

Add fifth row of listbuilder demos: add "delete checked notes" as bulk action

add fourth row to template demo page: link title to detail page

fix silly typos

arrange to load sample data; commented out for now