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Initial revision

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fixed some typos

updated dependency info

chagned the package name in the dot-info file

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added email editing stuff

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recruiting_email -> recruiting::email

added call to acs_impl_alias__new for cloning.. now loading this file works

modified dotlrn-dotlrn-create.sql files to source other sql files

removed sql from tcl files and added one missing query to xql file

rel_id->p_rel_id in function calls to ...rel__detete()

moved recruiting_foo functions into a recruiting namespace

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
moved recruiting_foo functions into a recruiting namespace


changed all calls to table:: to be scoped ui::table:: and changed camelCapitalization to underscore_separation

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moved table ui stuff to new standalone ui package

added simple new/delete/update/get api for person objects

fixed but in dotlrn_admin_rel__delete

silly me, accidentally added backup files to the cvs. bad dan

more recruiting fixes

  1. … 27 more files in changeset.
db_nextval further modified to be more compact, and logging set to the debug level

hacked db_nextval to take both standard PG sequences and view-hack sequences into account

changed parameter declaration from integer to alias for..

fixed order of define_function_args for dotlrn_community__new and also added default value of false for archived_p. also placed the define_function_args calls next to their plsql procs so it is easier to see when the parameter lists don't match.

fixed incorrect ordering of parameters

fixed another typo in a member_rel_creation..

fixed a typo in a member_rel_creation..

bug fixes

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