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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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Fix potential crash, whe nsf::parseargs is called with a non-empty argspec and empty argv

Extended regression test to cover such cases.

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typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings


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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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attempt to understand AppVeyor results

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* tests/submethods.test: Test for various conditions of unknown handling for ensemble methods of varying depth; also covers the crash condition reported on c.l.t, introduced with [156a37f]

* properties.test: Add a case to test for the bug on cget/configure NsfFlagObjType sharing

minor cleanup and extended regression test - reduce returns before end of function - reduce variable scopes - don't use variable for different purposes

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* nsf.c, methods.test: Cont'd uplevel reform to sanitize the single-arg case (in light of recent changes to 8.7, TIP 515 and for the sake of XOTcl 1 compatibility): A single arg to uplevel won't be inspected for a level specifier anymore; added tests and TODOs

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* nx.tcl, properties.test: Add exists accessor to properties and variables; incl. tests and documentation

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* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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* forward.test: Constrain the max recursion depth around recursive forwards, so that we do not run into early crashes on systems with limited stack sizes (when the stack is saturated before a recursion limit is hit). This fixes test runs on MinGW/ gcc builds at AppVeyor.

* forward.tests: Provide some background comment on platform-dependent error messages as test conditions (infinite loop) and make sure tests under 8.6 are executed as intended.

provide more context info when the version mismatch test fails

Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Rewrite URLs containing tcl.tk as authority to tcl-lang.org

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improve spelling

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* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod, NsfCallstackFindCallingContext): Reform of uplevel and upvar methods, based on the recent feedback by Zoran. First, uplevel and upvar methods, as well as [current callinglevel] now behave consistently (re frame skipping for mixin and filter transparency). If there is no innermost enclosing proc frame, the innermost non-proc (e.g., namespace) frame is selected (rather than a "#0" as default). Second, argument handling for both uplevel (i.e., level sniffing in multi-arg case) and upvar (e.g., made silent TCL_ERROR for invalid argument arities explicit) have been fixed. * Object.man, methods.test: Added documentation for both methods (Object.man) and tests.

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handle ticket #3 on sourceforge: explicit "next" call in ensemble leads to unwanted "unknown" handler call

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trigger new travis build

error message on stack overflow differs on windows and unix for tcl 8.5

we see now a different error message in tcl8.5 for a recursive loop (drop test?)

- deactivate under windows for the time being

make test more robust ("file lstat" returns less data under windows)

align names (use "subclass" instead of "sub-class")

add regression test for testing the behavior of :upvar from toplevel tclsh with and without filters

This test covers implicitly also the behavior of [current callinglevel].

improve spelling