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* nsf-gridfs.test: Add one more piece of harness to test suite [skip ci]

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* library/mongodb/*: Ran NSF MongoDB tests, against MongoDB 4.0.9 and Mongo-C driver 1.14.0 (both, latest stable); updated README.md accordingly, and fixed gridfs tests that hadn't been corrected for renaming README to README.md

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make spaces after comma regular

improve grammar and spelling

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avoid one-liner loop

* nx.tcl, properties.test: Add exists accessor to properties and variables; incl. tests and documentation

Updated changelog, fixed stats in announcement [skip ci]

Regenerated documentation

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* Object.man: Remove line break in script evaluation

Bump version number from 2.3a0 to 2.3

reduce dead store operations and null after dereference

improve spelling

* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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Fix typos in ChangeLog [skip ci]

Fix a remainder in changelog [skip ci]

Done with changelog and announcement [skip ci]

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* forward.test: Constrain the max recursion depth around recursive forwards, so that we do not run into early crashes on systems with limited stack sizes (when the stack is saturated before a recursion limit is hit). This fixes test runs on MinGW/ gcc builds at AppVeyor.

* forward.tests: Provide some background comment on platform-dependent error messages as test conditions (infinite loop) and make sure tests under 8.6 are executed as intended.

Continued work in changelog and announcement (still WIP) [skip ci]

added "pure" declarations

removed null test after dereferences, avoid potentail null dereferences in error cases

removed null test after dereferences

improve code safety and remove dead statement

get rid of warning of static checker, reduce number of returns before end of function

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

minor code cleanup

add asserts

Continued work in changelog and announcement (still WIP) [skip ci]

fix memory leak on "hyper-volatile" objects. it seems, we have to set the _is_autonamed flag in advance of obj initialization

addressing coverty defect 337829 (dereference before null check)