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Fix typo [skip actions]

Try using 7z instead of internal unpacking [skip actions]

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

fix comment

revert to earlier version of tcl.m4.

The version from head is not yet ready

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generated files

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* apps/build.tcl: Turn on more debugging output [skip actions]

update README for mongoDB interface

generated file

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fix line break

updated with upstream versions of tcl.m4

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generated files

generated file

generated file

fix compilation hickups for Tcl 8.5

reduce warnings from redefined constants

regenerated files

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don't include "package provide" tcl command in pkgIndex.tcl file, since the binary performs the provide operation

exclude pkgIndex.tcl from searched files, whitespace changes

Pack Tcl-version into name for Tcl 9.*

With Tcl 9, it is possible to install nsf for 8.7 and 9.0 parallel in

the same directories. The trick is naming the shared library

"libtcl9nsf2.4.0.so" instead of "libnsf2.4.0.so" when compiled with

Tcl 9.0 (keeping the original name when compiled with Tcl 8.x).

many thanks to Jan Nijtmans for the patch

Whitespace cleanup

* appveyor.yml: Allow failures on trunk builds

* build.yml: Remove build jobs for 8-7-a3 (GH and AppVeyor); add trunk builds for win (AppVeyor)

added github event for workflow dispatches

fix typo

improve compatibility with core-8 branch

fix for Tcl versions having Tcl_LibraryInitProc() already defined (core-8)

report tcl version at the begin of regression test to ease reading output of git workflows

cosmetic change to trigger workflow run

added build for tcl9 under macOS

provde compatibility for core-8-7-a3