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use gcc-11 only for macos, but not for ubuntu-latest

release work

Use gcc-11 instead of gcc-10, which is available on ubuntu-latest

* Announce2.4.0: Completed draft [skip ci]

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Improve wording, formatting [skip ci]

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Updated changelog [skip ci]

address the maybe-uninitialized warnings

I do not really like the approach based on pragmas, but i do even

less like the warnings, when compiled with -pedantic

tested with recent MongoDB (server 5.0.9, driver 1.22.1)

reduced compiler warnings when compiling against Tcl 8.6* with TIDY settings

Deactive block for double-checking chached data for Tcl commands

Leave the code for potential future debugging purposes

improve spelling [skip ci]

improve spelling [skip ci]

* next-tutorial, next-migration: Fix version number [skip ci]

* mkIndex.tcl: Have mkIndex produce package-provide compliant ifneeded scripts

    • -9
    • +9
* Makefile.in, configure: Re-worked pkgIndex.tcl handling

* README.release: Document changes to doc pipeline

Re-generated man pages and tutorials

    • -41
    • +94
* Makefile.in, doc/*.css: Replace prince with Chrome headless for PDF doc generation, PDF-specific CSS now organised as @media print queries.

* doc/Announce2.4.0: Cont'd [skip ci]

* ChangeLog-2.3.0-2.4.0.log: Added entries since late Jan 2021 [skip ci]

* tcl86.test, nsf-cmd.test, forward.test, destroy.test: Make sure to run all 8.6+/ 8.7+ specific tests also under Tcl 9

* rules.vc: Have TCL_MAJOR_VERSION properly picked up from newer tcl.h via nmakehlp

* makefile.vc: Make sure Tcl 9 handles TIP-595 guessing of the _Init function, avoid third argument to load

minor polishing

More debugging [skip actions]

More debugging [skip actions]

More debugging [skip actions]

More debugging [skip actions]

More debugging [skip actions]

More debugging [skip actions]