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RAC: Added *xql missing from previous commit

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RAC (Nov 23, 2001): Unfinished port for address-book.

The places package needs to be replaced by acs-references. This makes the data model file crash. The *xql files were created but untouched.

Similar to previous fix.

Added missing where clause in "bboard_message_set.message_set_content"

query. Thanks to Louis Zirkel for catching this.

Fix for message-edit-3 blowing up. Tested on both PG and Oracle. Thanks

go out to Louis. - Arjun

"In digging into the code I found that there is a call to

bboard_message_clear_categories which in turn calls db_dml to call a

stored proc. This doesn't seem to work, but changing the db_dml call

to db_exec_plsql seems to have resolved the issue." -- Louis Zirkel

fixed MIME type checking for text inside oracle clob

moved the time check inside the if statment for expected_arrival_time

fixed bug when all_items_p is selected, the item_id_list was not set to item_id so only the last item_id would get passed to fulfill-3.tcl. Also added a time check to make sure all parts of the time had two digits. PostgreSQL chokes if it's not formatted exactly (ie. HH:MI:SS). Created a new function called: ec_timeentrywidget_time_check to do the check.

added a proc ec_timeentrywidget_time_check to make sure that the time part of the time stamp has all of the necessary digits for HH:MM:SS. If it doesn't, postgresql complains.

fixed trig_ec_order_state_after_tr

fixed typo

reimplemented RI triggers for live_revision and latest_revision as user triggers

cleanups, playing with cvs, hi log readers


removed trigger delete


removed deleted file

- converted over to using pg lobs,

- always uses template system for content generation

- added basic double click checks to postcard sending

- added more fine grained security checks based on

a more atomic security/permission model

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
added basic permissioning and pg lob support

updated with latest file revisions, not sure about url conventions

changed number to numeric in one of the functions

fixed bug where the order amount would not be subtracted from the gift certificate total

fixed to_number call that I missed

fixed more things in ACS-subsite and more site node stuff API.

Mounted acs-workflow by default. It is confusing not to do so because

it is listed as a core package that "probably isn't meant to be mounted"

by site map, and yet it is designed to be mounted. I think that all

core packages designed to be mounted should be mounted at install time

but haven't gone through to make sure we're consistent.

acs-workflow has to be part of the core because the CR needs it.

Restored calculation of blob size (CR won't do this for us)

Added calculation of blob size (CR won't do this for us)

ported date calculations for postgresql

fixed a few more subsite issues, and added a special case to query dispatcher.

set default TemplateRoot=templates/store