gilbertw in OpenACS

fixed spelling error

switched form method from get to post as per Bart T. patch

fixed tracking code from Bart T.

updated tracking info from Bart T.

fixed state widget call and country query

fixed country queries

change state_widget call to ec_multiple_state_widget

fixed country code reference and state_widget call

fixed state query

fixed ns_log error. quoted the stuff after debug

fixed quotes

removed acs-geo-tables and added ref-* dependancy

removed acs-geo-tables and added dependancy to ref-*

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

query fixes to use ref-* instead of acs-geo-tables

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ported outer joins and fixed date calculations

ported outer joins

ported decode and outer joins

fixed sort_key calculation

fixed sysdate and unique calls for postgresql

removed floating ]

fixed reference to /admin/tools/spell after adding the spell checker to the cvs repository

the tools directory was added because the customer-service code calls tools/spell.tcl.

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fixed outer joins and nulls and dates

newest .info file

fixed audit procs. did a db_type check so that we can run ns_pg_bind for postgresql and ns_ora for oracle. also mapped get_entries_sql because of rowid/oid.

these queries were not picked up by the QE

added partial postgresql support. trigger creation and alter table ... drop column not supported yet.

changed ec_column_type_widget to check for postgresql or oracle

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