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making check-catalog.sh output warning keyword on every line relevant to warnings for easy greping. Adding the list-keys script that will list all keys in catalog files on the server

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imported en_us message catalog files

i18nized dotLRN Homework

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Fixed the Edit group properties part of #173 making the string a message key

in progress

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added two new fields to workflow_actions

fixing typo in query apm_version_get.select_version_info

Return revision_id after uploading a file revision

Fixed bug: hadn't removed all references to allowed_url_attributes_list

Fixing call to ad_sign by adding -- before parameters to protect against

values beginnign with -

Handling images

Added a file for image library procs

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Allow all tags and all attributes by default. But not protocols, since those are dangerous

Let AllowedAttributes, AllowedProtocol and AllowedTags to contain a * to make it easier to run an insecure site if you really don't care. Especially having to explicitly enumerate allowed tags can be a pain.

Switched to standard convention that emptpy-string argument is equivalent to no argument

Make page refresh when choosing a new object type

Updated proc documentation for additional_properties

Fixed bug in parsing additional_properties, where it would return a list of the value instead of just the value

adding testcase for the manage my memberships page

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Added an additional parameter to limit the authorities for which we auto-add users to dotlrn. Since we control which users get created in which authority, this lets us safely auto-add users to dotlrn.

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Added link to edit parameters for dotlrn

adding missing closing a tags to page. The absence of those tags was messing up tclwebtest and my automated tests to fail.

Show and allow editing of short_name for authorities, now that we're using it in parameters

changing proc import_from_file so that failing to register one message does not cause the whole file import to fail

- Made entry message longer

- Made link go to admin page for user, not normal community-member page

Record already deleted users as such

making sure proc apm_load_any_changed_libraries never reloads -init.tcl files. Those should only be source on server startup. Not sure how the -init.tcl files got on the reload list in the first place.

Added link to show the users in the authority

Add link to affected user in actions list, if exists

Let complex user search users in a specific authority