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don't fool users into thinking the assessment is correct

fix SQL query. I was using more tables than needed

nobody likes "student response" label

Merge all code to oacs-5-1 branch from HEAD. Further work will be done on

oacs-5-1 branch.

Prevent throwing errors when users assign the same user to the same task twice

Fix bug in patch 528 for bug 1887 applied by me with a typo. Noticed by

Steve Woodcock.

Added section on iterating through db_multirows, courtesy of Russell


Fixed bug #2110 by fixing regexp in oacs_dav::conn_setup

Now works in combination with HTTPS.

Raised version num.

Fixed bug #2110 by fixing regexp in oacs_dav::conn_setup.

oacs_dav now works correctly in combination with HTTPS.

Raised rev num.

fix from Sloan - make sure community header logo is visible to all members

more i18n

requires recent version of acs-content-repository

fix user sessions

Add documentation on how to release a package.

Release of 2.20b3 version.

fixing usage of lc_numeric

double click protection when adding a group member

Fix error in task calendar which showed dates off by one task deadline

Fixes html in email notifications.

Added description saying that address-book is deprecated.

New look for the site map using list builder and anchor tag to jump to the current row.


American English and Castilian Spanish translations

make page templated

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correct link to assessment

show feedback in bold

get the assessment description

Remove extra * from crontab in backup section.

Many of the comparisons incorrectly used = instead of ==

Move date cleanup to proc.

Move some code to a proc, to clean up task-add-edit page just a little bit.