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Decided that assuming SQL data files are CSV-formatted files is a bad idea

after running into a package that embeds comments in its data! Changed

from .csv to .dat and all that implies. Still more testing to do...

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Changed package name to be consistent with other reference data

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- Merged changes from oacs-4-6 into HEAD.

- Added documentation to the -validate switch of template:::element::create

noting that the special variable $value is what should be used.

made the -name optional, forgot to commit this latest change

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Added etp_page_revision content_type for oracle

Fixed bug: Clicking on the name under 'Close' produced a list with zero bugs, even though there might be plenty bugs to show.

Fixed bug #561: Showing data from another instance for Oracle as well

Fixed bug #561: Showing data from another instance

- Initial revision of the classified-ads package written by Deds Castillo

and Paul Doerwalds.

- Some modifications and improvements by Roberto Mello.

- Added Bugs and Features to the www/doc/index page.

- Will be committing more changes soon.

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Another oh-so-inevitable typo.

Removed references to the old INSERT data initialization files in the

oracle version.

Oops tyop crept in.

Had to make SQL data load control files be db-specific (duh)

Added code to allow loading of data for packages like ref-timezones with

SQL*Loader or PostgreSQL's COPY command.

Switching to the use of PostgreSQL's COPY command and Oracle's SQL*Loader

to load the data for this package. Much, much faster than a bazillion

INSERT statements.

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Fixed bug #357: Permissions inheritance wrong

file upgrade-1.2d10-1.2d11.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

Re-introduced my change to, which Janine inadvertedly overwrote with her change

site_node::rename: remove old cache entries, so we don't serve up the site-node at the old URL

Fixed typo oops!

Added csv_data as a package file type ...

Added Malte Sussedorf...

Fixed stupid typo.

Clear the formerror array first, otherwise there are conflicts with multiple forms on one page

- Added site_node::rename proc

- Enhanced get_children so it can return a specific element from the site_node array structure, e.g. node_id, instead of the url.

Added support for has_submit switch to forms

Added a hack to delete permissions for the application group, so we can delete the group when deleting the subsite instance. We really ought to make permissions cascade. but that's a much bigger fix.

Show us on the members tab for all pages under /members/

adding italian locale