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hacking on publishing workflow to make it compatible with workflow 4.3 - pg version seems to work now, but I pity the fool that actually tries to use it

deprecate old procs, add -public flags for public functions, some docs

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typo: order left out of sql stmt. bug 1738/patch 444

Fixed bug, thanks to Malte.

make some procs -public (like empty_string_p)

changed weight for exact matches, added listing varargs, try to align score so it scans easier

added dummy documentation procs for element form and multirow, documented template::multirow


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Added doc directory

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updated from contacts to acs-person. changed all references from former to latter

updated from contacts to acs-person.

changed bind vars and text.

converted from contacts to acs_person.

Updated from old contacts to new acs_person.

fixed bind vars and other text/info.

deleted obsolete file

Initial revision

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- Patch by Michael Cleverly for the APM to throw warnings if it's skipping

files in the .tcl directory of packages because they are not -procs or


fix handling of quotes in text responses

add double-click protection for question add

Changed index.vuh files to use rp_internal_redirect rather than

rp_serve_abstract_file, which didn't work if OpenACS was running in

performance mode.

I've added Andrew Spencer's changes that allow admins to designate users

as sitewide admins.

Added new files to .info files

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remove duplicated files

removing duplicated upgrade script

1) Country code us is now properly set to US.

2) Creditcard_id has default value of "" for sake of bind variable :creditcard_id.

Fix for bug 1724.

line break before See Also in proc-view

move context bar generation into a single function so it will be easier to change

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make ad_page_contract_file_proc_... procs -public

replace ns_return with doc_return

allows queries in on_error block to work with db_transaction under postgresql