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Fixed ""-must-be-null problem for results returned from the database. I

added a utility in json-procs.tcl to help with this, but since I also needed

to convert PG intervals to the "PT01H02M03.5S" format used by the SCORM RTE

in actuality it's fixed in the scorm player package. But the JSON proc may

be useful for someone else so I left it in ...

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Had to tweak my regexp's that parse the SCORM time intervals slightly.

Big upgrade to the scorm 2004 stuff ...

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Tweaking ...

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Typo was killing cmi_POST ...

Course player utility package for a new Scorm 2004 LMS based on ilias. This

package is meant to be embedded into an LMS package. See the scorm-demo

package for a simple example as to how to do this. This needs a lot of

clean-up as it includes all of Yahoo YUI, and a bunch of Ilias CSS that

needs cleaning up and integration into our CSS scheme (or for much of

it, simply deletion, since it implements the standard ilias theme for

a bunch of their non-LMS packages).

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