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Fix typos

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Fix a bunch of typos

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Fix typos

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Oracle9i porting changes

- Changed procedure names from delete to del

- Changed view declaration to use actual column names

- Changed "rel_constraints_violated_one" and "rel_constraints_violated_two"


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1. Changed a lot of package info files to fix problems ...

2. Added Vinod's bboard patch

3. Rationalized party e-mail checking by putting a "before insert or update"

trigger on the table that lower-cases email (this was already done by the

party.new() func but at least one update missed this). Got rid of all

"lower(email) = " and "upper(email) = " checks and just made all use the

db email column directly and lower-cased Tcl vars. In this way the index

on the email column is always and consistently used without needing to

define functional indexes on the column (an EE feature for Oracle).

4. Rationalized naming of a couple of workflows and fixed a glossary PG bug

where apparently its workflow got overwritten by one from the CMS at some

point in time.

5. Made the .cmp/.dat/.frm filters in the template code usable though not

very beautiful nor exactly correct. But with practice you can use them

to debug pages in the packages/* hierarchy. I also turned these off by

default as there's no need to run these filters on a production site!

6. Performed minor surgery on templating, including adding a new

"ad_return_exception_template" that allows you to return a templated

error page and aborts the script.

7. ??? probably but I think this covers most stuff.

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1. Removed call to "schedule_proc" in acs-workflow. It's no longer needed.

2. Changed admin UI so you can enter the sort order when adding or editing


3. Duplicated Bart Teeuwisse's glossary changes for Oracle.

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initial revision of acs-workflow-4.3

initial revision of acs-workflow-4.3

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1. The PG port of apm__register_parameter had a tiny error which caused it

to not set the new parameter to its default value in any of the effected

package instances.

2. Glossary - added admin as a parent of glossary_admin so admins can admin.

3. edit-this-page PG: removed code that was written because of #1 above

4. edit-this-page Oracle: finished the datamodel port, added drop script

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navigation-procs-oracle.xql: we inherited a query from aD that sorted

backwards, messing up the database-derived nav bars generated from the

site map.

The rest is partial work towards getting glossary to work. After running

the query dispatcher it no longer worked even for Oracle due to a bunch

of duplicate query names in several files. Boo-hiss...

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news was subtyping content_revision with a NULL supertype. glossary-drop

broken for Oracle (probably still broken but it's better, I added stuff

I discovered as I worked on the PG version). The html doc had a missing


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Forgot to define binary files before importing, so .gifs were messed up.

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Initial revision

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