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- Placed irc-logger under GNU Arch revision control.

- I'm moving over my development to GNU Arch instead of CVS.

- The GNU archive is synced w/ the OpenACS CVS repository.

- Changes to the GNU Archive are synced to CVS and vise versa.

Changes from arch/CVS synchronization

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- Fixed memory leak. HTML DOM was lingering around.

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- Add IRC logs in reverse order so that the newest log is at the top of the page.

- Add 'current' link to latest IRC log at the top of the page.

- Add 'current' link to irc-logger for links from other sites to the latest log.

- Update documentation.

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- Fixed small problem when looping over all RDF logs.

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- Added update all RDF logs.

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Update 2003-02-11

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- Removed all namespace references from the resulting HTML. This previously caused a problem for Opera (7).

- Added an update feature to the admin page.

- Removed an extraneous .xql file from /www/admin.

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- Break the description of long hyper links in chunks of 50 characters as not to interfere with the page layout.

- Flush the ETP page whenever the log is updated so that the displayed ETP page is always current.

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Changed e-mail address

- Shortened the timestamps to allow more space for the conversation.

- Added links to the user accounts who's screen name matches their IRC nick.

- Updated documentation to reflect new features.

- Removed <pre> tags from XSL sheet as they misfired too often.

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Initial revision

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Initial revision

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