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Fixed xmlrpc_contruct. It no longer eats all args beginning with "-"

I created a list of the offical switches for datatypes and check

just for those. everything else it passes back as an xmlrpc string

Fixed xmlrpc_parse to handle older nsxml versions with the root node bug,

and newer versions that return the root node correctly.

xmlrpc_register_proc added to validator.tcl

Updated README

Added ns_xmlrpc-utils.tcl which checks for the existence of OpenACS utility procs that ns_xmlrpc depends on. If they aren't there it creates them. Now ns_xmlrpc should run on any AOLServer with nsxml using nsd8x

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Updated requirements to ns_xml 1.4

tested with nsxml 1.3 and 1.4

checks for proper return of root node to be compatible with nsxml 1.3

and 1.4

added readme.txt

Helper procs for ns_xml

Initial import of ns_xmlrpc code.

Initial Revision.

Initial revision