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Checked in file generated by cvs2cl.pl.

I'm not sure whether this is the best way to do it.

Added a bunch of documentation files.

Removed/renamed obsolete files.

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Did a couple compiles with -Wall -pedantic -Werror and silenced all warnings.

Added files with new name.

Changing file names.

First batch of name changes to mod_nsd.

Added fastpath.tcl from aolserver distrib.

Added ns_returnnotice.

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Changed default include file location for Postgres.

Change default include file location for Postgres.

Don't do "make install" by default.

Changed version number (so I can test whether commiting works).

First cut at a nscache emulation in Tcl.

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Added SHA1 module.

Changed version string.

Tweaked the CFLAGS.

Added missing file from Oracle driver v2.5

Updated to Oracle driver v2.5

Updated the Postgres driver to include direct streaming.

Updated to the latest Postgres driver (from Sourceforge).

Enable all warnings when compiling.

Imported mod_aolserver 1.1.

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Initial revision

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