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Add comment on possible but untested improvement to day of week proc.

Add return_url as param to asm_url if it exists

Unregistered users are now asked to login or register immediately after checkout

Users now go to the waiting list if section is full

Adding lib/letter.adp file

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Adding a bunch of messages for 1.0d3 changes I just uploaded

Bumped version to 1.0d3 and added EmailAttachmentsAllowed parameter

Adding support for EmailAttachmentsAllowed parameter

fixing references to css file in header

Adding message add/edit pages

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Adding cleaned up support for new lib/letter.tcl file

Adding support for form messages (saved message) templates and bugfixing validation of email/mailing addresses

Adding flush of memoized information

Adding contact::signature namespace and message::get and signature::get procs

Adding caching and contact::email proc

Adding support for printed letter writing with css compliant browsers such as firefox or safari

Adding support for saved contact messages and cleaning up some code

Adding description column to contact_message_log table

Bugfix if user logs in with items in shopping cart

solve bug to show url webdav

solve problem to add txt files

Use custom login form when switching from normal to secure location

Bugfixes on registration redirect, session handling

Bugfixes on sessions

Copied login pages from acs-subsite, added slight UI improvements, decided to copy these files inside dotlrn-ecommerce since they probably will have more modifications

fixing intro reference

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fixing spelling and grammar

partitioning the spec in files for each chapter

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flush cached section info everytime we visit admin page

solve bug to show page consent content no exist in assessement-consent.tcl

adding html ability to ec_custom_fields, to be consistent with ec_products.detailed_description. This does not affect other types because the code that validates them is unchanged.