gyang in OpenACS

Make acs_mail_lite::send doc message slightly less ambigous

Changed last instance of bcms-ui-base/resources/ includelet reference in xcms-ui.

Changed bcms::ui::base::check_include_vars to xcms_ui::check_include_vars in xcms-ui/lib/*

Changes to xcms-ui to make it work:

- change of references to /packages/bcms-ui-base/lib/* to /packages/xcms-ui/lib

- change calls from bcms_ui_base to either xcms_ui:: procs or bcms::ui::base procs

Fixes to make xcms-ui template admin pages work, mostly changing packages/bcms-ui-base/lib references to packages/xcms-ui/lib

Changed references to page-form and categories-form in xcms-ui so that basic content item editing actually works.

Changed item::get_live/best_revision in content::init to use ::item::get_live/best_revision.

The reason is that bcms introduces ::content::init, which requires a keyword argument -item_id, and this new proc is then accidentally called by content::init because it's in the ::content namespace.

Added dummy file in xcms-ui/sql/postgreql so that it can install on PostgreSQL.

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Implemented MultipleAggregatorsP and AllowAggregatorEditP parameters in news-aggregator.

Added and implemented EnablePurgeP parameter on news-aggregator, so the purge functionality can be turned off completely.

feed-parser version bumped to 0.3d

Bumped version to 0.9d

Changed AOLserver 4 compilation instructions to specify that users should check out Tcl 8.4.6 rather than 8.4.5.

Changed AOLserver 4 compilation instructions to specify that users should check out nsoracle 2.7 (tag v2_7) rather than the HEAD version of nsoracle.

Partial i18n of news-aggregator

Minor HTML fix in news-aggregator/www/index

Bumped news-aggregator version to 0.8d:

- Support for item-level author and pubDate

- Data model support for title and show_description_p fields to subscriptions table

Support for item-level author and pubDate elements (news-aggregator)

Added pub_date field to item arrays (feed-parser)

Data model changes: Added author and pub_date fields to na_item__new (news-aggregator)

Added the following fields to the news-aggregator data model:

- author, comment_page and pub_date to na_items

- source_title and show_description_p to na_subscriptions

Bumped version to 0.7d. This version comes before some datamodel changes to support user-configurable subscriptions and various RSS extensions.

Proper error handling in news-aggregator subscriptions page when adding a new subscription.

Use ns_encodingforcharset to find Tcl encoding name in feed_parser::parse_feed.

Bumped feed-parser version to 0.2d now that there are (hopefully) no more dependencies on news-aggregator

feed-parser: Added code to feed_parser::parse_feed so that there is an explicit encoding conversion. This is because of an apparent change in the behavior of ns_httpget in AOLserver 4.0 where the HttpOpenCharset parameter is no longer honored

Changes to source procs in news-aggregator:

- Formatting (tabs)

- Implement source::update_all -all_sources correctly, so that the -all_sources flag actually updates all sources regardless of when they were last updated

- Now using the RSS parser in feed-parser

news-aggregator: Moved all RSS parsing procs over to the feed-parser package.

Fixed Bug #1563 by applying Patch #443

Fixed Bug #1646 by applying Patch #1646 with modifications for a typo