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* nx-zip.tcl: Add closing paren in comment

* nx-zip.tcl (writeToZipFile): 'writeToStream' requires a command prefixed defined by an object variable 'writer'. In a direct call on 'writeToZipFile', this variable was not defined. Thanks to Héctor Romojaro for the catch and patch.

- use buffered ns_connchan for writing to slow channels for handling partial write operations properly

added support for returning streaming zip files via HTTPs

The old version was just replying via ns_write, which can be only

used for plain TCP connections (no TLS).

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Rewrite URLs containing tcl.tk as authority to tcl-lang.org

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base package nx::zip on Tcl 8.6 builtins instead of relying on the Trf package

improve spelling

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improve comments

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- Use more straightforward Tcl idiom to access first character of a string - Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL)

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quote filename in content disposition

- protect trf against leading dashes

- deactivate tests in library file

- add additional "convertto" when generating zip files from strings

- library/lib/nx-zip.tcl: refactored implementqtion, improved utf-8 file-name handling (which is a mess in pkzip)

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