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updated version number of github actions to address deprecation warning from Node.js

Add core-8-6-13-rc for the time being

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use gcc-11 only for macos, but not for ubuntu-latest

Use gcc-11 instead of gcc-10, which is available on ubuntu-latest

* build.yml: Remove build jobs for 8-7-a3 (GH and AppVeyor); add trunk builds for win (AppVeyor)

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added github event for workflow dispatches

cosmetic change to trigger workflow run

added build for tcl9 under macOS

added build test for Tcl 9 (branch trunk)

* build.yml, appveyor.yml: Bumps to 8.6.12 and 8.7a5

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* build.yml, appveyor.yml: Add 8.7a5 branch to build matrices.

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* build.yml: clang 11 is default on macos-latest runners; add remaining macos configs

* build.yml: Fix expressions

* build.yml: Remove artifacts from workflow

* build.yml: Added initial GitHub Actions workflow enabling Linux and macOS builds