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- standardize url construction to protect against injection attacks

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overhaul of package:

- favor tcl-compilable string comparisons

- don't use numeric comparison operator for non-numeric arguments

- brace expressions

- replace depreacted "ad_parameter" by parameter::get

- use "in" or "ni" expression instead of "lsearch"

- use tcl 8.5 extended index format for "string range"

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Put the weblog name at the top

Made larsblogger use HTML notifications

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return 404 if entry_id not found

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merge changes on oacs-5-1 branch to head, changes between jcd-merge-20040420 and jcd-merge-5-1-20040517 were merged, head pre changes is jcd-merge-pre-20040517 and post is jcd-merge-post-20040517

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Removed deprecated lars_blog_weblogs_com_update_ping proc

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Merged in changes from openacs-5-0-0-final to jcd-merge-pre503

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merge of changes between oacs-5-0-0b4 and oacs-5-0-0-final to HEAD

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Fixed bug #1362: Blog entries loose their time when editing

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Fixed bug in rendering text/enhanced entries in notifications: All line breaks were skipped, and it just became one big blur.

Extra parameter in template::util::is_true call (in entry::edit) removed

Merged posted_date and entry_date into entry_date, which is now a full timestamp

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Missing pieces from previous checkin of multiple ping URLs code in lars-blogger

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Get category info with an outer join instead of a separate query

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lars-blogger: added title_url to the string sent to trackback::auto_ping

so that blogger will also auto-detect trackbacks and ping URLs that

are placed in an entry's title_url

merge of changes on oacs-5-0 branch to oacs-5-0-0b4 tag

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Use XML-RPC package for weblogs.com ping

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make some Notices either warnings or debug and made them more descriptive by generally including the proc name as well bug #1032

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- Fixed bug #916: User with Write permission can Draft other user's entries

- Cleaned up permissions handling in a major way

- Using list builder for the draft entries list

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Completed trackback support. Added trackback parameters and explanation of what trackback is. It's turned on by default.

Finished trackback support. Added support for templated comments to include notice of which comments are trackback.

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Added support for categories

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Removed final instance of "This incident has been logged.".

This closes bug #814.

"Security Violation" nitpick for bug #184.

Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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- Upgraded lars-blogger to use the new richtext widget;

- fixed several bugs in the Oracle version

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Added notifications to lars-blogger

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