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Fix a bunch of typos

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1. Removed call to "schedule_proc" in acs-workflow. It's no longer needed.

2. Changed admin UI so you can enter the sort order when adding or editing


3. Duplicated Bart Teeuwisse's glossary changes for Oracle.

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Removed name attribute from glossary and term forms. Name is now assigned by the new method of either object type.

Note this change currently only works for Postgres and breaks the Oracle implementation.

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1. The PG port of apm__register_parameter had a tiny error which caused it

to not set the new parameter to its default value in any of the effected

package instances.

2. Glossary - added admin as a parent of glossary_admin so admins can admin.

3. edit-this-page PG: removed code that was written because of #1 above

4. edit-this-page Oracle: finished the datamodel port, added drop script

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Finished porting datamodel...

Bunch of files I forgot to add to the last commit ...

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