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Remove backtick from the list of characters to be replaced by 'ad_sanitize_filename', as 'util::zip' deals with them properly now

util::zip reform.

+ Use '::zipfile::mkzip', introduced in tcllib 1.18, if available.

+ For unix-like systems, with older tcllib versions, bash was used for changing directories. This method was problematic when using certain characters for the filenames, such as backticks, for example. In order to avoid this and properly quote everything, we use tclsh instead, in a convoluted and funny way (thanks to Nathan Coulter for the hack).

+ TODO: test this method also on windows, and unify the legacy implementations if it works.

Add '`' to the list of sanitazable characters by 'ad_sanitize_filename'

Proc "util_get_subset_missing": make sure to return the found elements.

Added test case for this proc.

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Make 'util_user_message' quote the message when the parameter 'html_p' is false, not otherwise, restoring pre-refactoring behavior and making it coherent with the parameter doc

Simplify code and exploit parameter contract (we know flags are boolean)

Put some sanity in ancient proc docs with 'pre' tags that were breaking api-doc

clean up temporary objects after scheduled jobs

Make util_current_location robust such it does not raise an exception when not connected. In these cases, the configured ad_url is returned. This is not perfect either, since it would not work with host-node mapped subsites, and maybe, there are cases, where one wants just information based on the actual connection. so, maybe, one should provide either a higher level API and/or parameterize util_current_location in the future.

improve comments

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Fix doc typo

don't be so quick on phasing out deprecated code

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add flag "-suppress_port" to util::configured_location

Deprecate util_search_list_of_lists, as since Tcl 8.5 its behavior can be achieved natively through lsearch

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improve documentation: mention host-node map behavior

improve documentation

- Add support for dowloading archives

- add reusable adp-includes for handling resource downloads

- bump version number to 5.10.0d18

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introduce a urnMap in resource_info as a generalizable solution

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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make all keys of the resource_info dict camel case

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fix typo

improve source code documentation

provide a common API for downloading resources from a CDN instead of maintaining per-packet variants




- bump version number to 5.10.0d16

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Fix parameter names in proc doc

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Whitespace changeds

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Harmonize parameter names in proc documentation removing unnecessary hyphens

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prefer built-in ns_dbquotevalue over DoubleApos

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Streamline util_sets_equal_p (passes automated test)

improve log message to be able to distinguish between multiple commands with different parameters

Whitespace changes

whitespace cleanup