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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Completed db_* api multi-database support. Can now use db api for

both Oracle and PostgreSQL at the same time.

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Added base multi-db support to the db_* API.

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Lars added proc util_get_current_url. Removing updates of nsv apm_library_mtime that now happen in apm_source proc. Removing proc apm_mark_packages_for_bootstrap that was used to avoid server restart after package installation (we are now requiring server restart). Moving flushing of package_installed_p cache to happen at end of apm_package_install proc instead of the beginning. Adding parameter PermissionCacheTimeout that determines the lifetime of the permissions cache.

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Added examples to db_exec_plsql and db_nextval's api-doc and changed proc_doc to ad_proc.

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Switched to "file copy" ...

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Patches to make OpenACS PG 7.3 compatible.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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cleanup javadoc tags (eg @cvs_id @cvs @cvs-id: instead if @cvs-id)

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reduced debug output by setting log level to QDDebug in several logging stmts

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db_nextval further modified to be more compact, and logging set to the debug level

hacked db_nextval to take both standard PG sequences and view-hack sequences into account

The bindvar emulation for db_exec_plpgsql now calls DoubleApos on the

values ...

Made the datasource "::dbname" function the same as


Changed the representation of tree_sortkeys from "text" to "bit varying".

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1. Fixed a boneheaded error in the bootstrapper: "AvailablePool" was being

submitted to a case-sensitive check. Of course AOLserver parameters are


2. A recently submitted patch to the db routine that PSQL's source broke

the code if you haven't started postmaster with the "-i" option.

3. Bboard was very, very slow in PG. It is now much faster.

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Installed some patches:

1. Request processor was losing the port portion of the URL in some cases.

2. OpenACS 4 couldn't cope with a PG database that was password-protected

3. Didn't work with nsopenssl

Also I removed references to currency.sql from acs-lang (this is now part

of the references package)

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1. changed db_qd_log to use the passed-in level rather than gluing things

to "Debug" for convenience. I then changed all the "Notice" calls to

"Debug". Then my one "Error" call I added worked! :) If a query file

has a syntax error in it now, an error is logged to the server log but

bootstrapping continues.

2. Lots and lots or etp oracle fixes and some PG version clean-ups

3. Some file-storage files were unconventionally named.

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Fixed db_blob_get for PG, and got rid of db_continue_transaction, which we

can no longer support because PG automatically aborts a transaction after an


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*** empty log message ***

Added a db_api hook to return blob data directly in a Tcl variable, as

requested by Neophytos.

fixed a few more subsite issues, and added a special case to query dispatcher.

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1. Fixed a bug in the oracle version of acs-mail-nt-create.sql

2. Fixed a bug in the oracle version of the APM - a standard SQL92

left join was being executed rather than the nasty Oracle-specific


3. Futzed with the APM a bit - you can now only set "watch" commands on

those .xql files which are used by the current installation, you can

only install packages supported by the current installation's RDBMS.

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1. Added a check that PG was initdb's with the collation order for

characters that we expect.

2. Jon added a "sql/common" directory for the insert statements which

load data for acs-references, so I added a new datamodel type "common"

to the APM.

3. Created a new db API routine that returns true if a given db_type is

compatible with the current RDBMS.

4. Added a workaround for a PL/pgSQL "execute" bug in acs-workflow (other

cases had been fixed previously by others but this one was missed)

5. Diddled a couple of .info files using the APM.

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fixed uplevel name collision

adde switches to prevent error on clobs and blobs

fixed logging to be more configurable within the QD and default to not so verbose.

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more debugging of workflow

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psql doesn't like -U without a username