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fixes and clean up by deds: noquote, remove project specific stuff, bug fixes

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Changed @returns to @return with command perl -pi -e 's/\@returns/\@return/g' *.tcl

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remove *-edit pages, and made forms to use edit and display mode of ad_form, move generation of links to tcl proc, now style.css is now tcl so it should be mount in a different url and the images still works correctly on the background images. templates can are now also sourced on the file system, not just db. numerous bug fixes. Still need to remove custom content types and other custom code

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fixed some bugs, added unpublish and unregister template

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added css enabled list builder template and its images, added relate and unrelate item ui, added search ui, also added template that will be used /templates

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initial addition of bcms-ui-base, a bcms ui package

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