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Provide for the travis updates on our 2.3 maintenance branch

nsf.c (Nsf_ConvertToInteger): Use Jan's hot fix TCL_NO_TOMMATH_H, not yet integrated into Tcl's 8.7 branch.

Force use of internal libtommath (TIP 538) in 8.7 builds

Bump Travis macOS image and use gcc-9

make sure, variable is always initialized

make sure, result is alway initialized

improve spelling

improve spelling

add object level method "dict" similar to "array" for larger symmetry of commands

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improve spelling

remove redundant tests

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

Fix [skip travis]

Fix typo in Appveyor descriptor [skip-travis]

Update build descriptors to incorporate recent Tcl releases.

improve spelling

improve spelling

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reduce debugging output

* Makefile.in: Avoid pathnames as targets and target dependencies, as they may break make in presence of colons or whitespaces in pathnames as set by autoconf (e.g., --prefix=/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35 or --exec-prefix=/tmp/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35). Thanks to Héctor Romojaro for reporting.

* nsf.c, testx.xotcl: Substitute tab-based indentation (1x) for space-based one (8x) for 'required argument' error msg.

Fix potential crash, whe nsf::parseargs is called with a non-empty argspec and empty argv

Extended regression test to cover such cases.

add missing EXTERN declarations

typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings


remove "default" from fully initialized switches. initialize variable to slience compiler warnings

improve spelling

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use newer m4 file

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use newer .m4 file

remove redundant test

fix indentation

* nsf.c (NSDeleteChildren): Remove redundant check on NSDeleteChild, leading to endless loop.