Stefan Sobernig <>
on 22 Mar
* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod, NsfCallstackFindCallingContext): Reform of uplevel and upvar methods, based on the recent f… Show more
* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod,   NsfCallstackFindCallingContext): Reform of uplevel and upvar   methods, based on the recent feedback by Zoran. First, uplevel and   upvar methods, as well as [current callinglevel] now behave   consistently (re frame skipping for mixin and filter transparency). If   there is no innermost enclosing proc frame, the innermost non-proc   (e.g., namespace) frame is selected (rather than a "#0" as   default). Second, argument handling for both uplevel (i.e., level   sniffing in multi-arg case) and upvar (e.g., made silent TCL_ERROR   for invalid argument arities explicit) have been fixed. *, methods.test: Added documentation for both methods   ( and tests.

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