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report tcl version at the begin of regression test to ease reading output of git workflows

fix broken test

improve spelling

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attempt to understand AppVeyor results

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provide more context info when the version mismatch test fails

add minimal regression test for object property "autonamed"

* object-system.test: Add a simple test to catch incomplete version bumps earlier

Adding some missing test on recently added introspection methods

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- new introspection method: "/obj/ info baseclass" - extended regression test

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nx.tcl: - make all __* system methods in nx redefine-protected - let "nsf::configure objectsystem" return handles and protections as well

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nx.tcl: pluralism reform part 2 - changed methods /cls/ info subclass -> /cls/ info subclasses /cls/ info superclass -> /cls/ info superclasses /cls/ mixin ... -> /cls/ mixins /cls/ filter ... -> /cls/ filters /cls/ object mixin ... -> /cls/ object mixins /cls/ object filter ... -> /cls/ object filters - changed configure parameters /cls/ configure -mixin -> /cls/ configure -mixins /cls/ configure -filter -> /cls/ configure -filters /obj/ configure -object-mixin -> /obj/ configure -object-mixins /obj/ configure -object-filter -> /obj/ configure -object-filters - added handling for calling relationslot with unknown sub method

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- update of TODO and regression test

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nsf.c, gentclAPI.tcl: - new argument types "virtualobjectargs" and "virtualclassargs" for context-specific argument resolutions: when a context object is provided, arguments of type "virtualobjectargs" are determined based on the slots applicable for the object (like "... lookup ..."), arguments of type "virtualclassargs" are resolved against a class. These types are used as follows: /obj/ configure /virtualobjectargs/ /cls/ create /name/ /virtualclassargs/ /cls/ recreate /name/ /virtualclassargs/ /cls/ new ?-childof /obj/? /virtualclassargs/ This new feature allows us to provide better error messages and to make much of the "... info ... configure parameter ..." infrastructure much less important. - For "virtualclassargs" we need the functionality to obtain from the C-Code based on a class the configure parameters applicable to objects of this class. - add argument "-context ..." to "cmd::info" to pass the context object (so far the only place where the context-object is used) - object system configuration parameters changes: new: -class.configureparameter new: -object.configureparameter removed: -class.objectparameter

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- renamed nsf::relation to nsf::relation::set and added nsf::relation::get in accordance with nsf::var::get

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nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx.tcl: - renamed variable option "-config" to "-configurable" to make its intention clearer

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- renamed initblock parameter from __initcmd to __initblock - renamed nsf::configure parameter from "keepinitcmds" to "keepcmds" - saving "keepcmds" in an associative array named "__cmd(/parameternName)" to allow saving of multiple parmeters with less nameclash danger (when application stays away from variables stating with double underscore)

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- nx.tcl: handle "incremental" in slot reconfigure - nx.tcl: change defaultAccessor to "none"

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- Method and configure parameter reform

/cls/ info configure parameters ?pattern? -> list of params

/cls/ info configure syntax -> syntax output

/obj/ info method parameters /methodName/ ?/pattern/? -> list of params

/obj/ info method syntax -> syntax output

/obj/ info lookup configure parameter ?/pattern/? -> list of params

/obj/ info lookup configure syntax -> syntax output

/cls/ info parameter list|name|syntax /param/ -> value

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Object-method Reform: - changed interface to object specific commands by requiring an ensemble named "object". The rational behind is essentially to use always the same info command to retrieve object specific methods, no matter whether these are defined on a plain object or an a class object (does not break the "contract" what e.g. "info method" returns).

Now we define methods via:

/cls/ method foo {args} {...body...}

/cls/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

/obj/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

Similarly, aliases, forwards and mixins are defined, e.g.

/cls/ mixin add ...

/cls/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ require object method ...

The same change propagated as well to the "info" method.

Now we have:

/cls/ info methods ...

/cls/ info object methods ...

/obj/ info object methods ...

Similar, the object parametererization uses

/cls/ create obj -object-mixin M

/cls/ create obj -object-filter f

/metacls/ create cls -mixin M1 -object-mixin M2

/metacls/ create cls -filter f1 -object-filter f2

- as a consequence,

a) "/cls/ class method ...",

"/cls/ class alias ...",

"/cls/ class forward ...",

"/cls/ class filter ...",

"/cls/ class mixin ...",

"/cls/ class info ..."

"/obj/ class method require method ..."

"/obj/ class method require public method ..."

"/obj/ class method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ class method require private method ..."

were dropped

b) "/obj/ method ....",

"/obj/ alias ....",

"/obj/ forward ...."

"/obj/ filter ...."

"/obj/ mixin ...."

"/obj/ info method*"

"/cls/ create obj -mixin M"

"/cls/ create obj -filter f"

"/obj/ method require method ..."

"/obj/ method require public method ..."

"/obj/ method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ method require private method ..."

were dropped

- added package nx::class to allow optionally the "class" notation

"/cls/ class method ..." (and friends, see (a)), and

"/cls/ class info ...

- added package nx::plain-object-method to allow optionally plain method

b) "/obj/ method ...." (and friends, see (b))

- add support to slots to use ensemble methods as setters

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- allow explicit unsetting of -per-object flag in 0-argument -flag=value notation

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- changed name "/obj|cls/ slot info definition" to "/obj|cls/ slot info definition" since result is a set - dropped parameter method "properties" - dropped "/obj/ info properties" (since "properties" or "variables" are returned")

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Property Reform Part 2: better handling of per-object properties nsf.c: - changed "/class/ __objectconfigure" to "/obj/ __objectconfigure" to be able to handle per-object properties on classes properly. - renamed "info method parametersyntax" -> "info method syntax" - renamed "/obj|cls/ info method parametersyntax" into "/obj|cls/ info method syntax" - replaced "::nsf::methods::class::info::objectparameter" by "::nsf::methods::object::info::objectparameter" - new command "::nsf::parameter::specs ?-configure? ?-noposargs? slotobjs": convert provided slotobjs into a list of parameter specs - new command "::nsf::parameter::get list|name|syntax parameterspec": convert parameter spec into syntax form, or retrieve pieces of information from it (can be extended in the future) - added more or less generic list handling functions TclObjListFreeList(), TclObjListNewElement() and TclObjListAdd() used by "::nsf::parameter::specs" - replaced "::nsf::method::property /obj/ -per-object /name/ slotcontainer ?value?" by "::nsf::object::property /obj/ slotcontainer ?value?" - added "::nsf::object::property /obj/ hasperobjectslots ?value?"


- new info methods

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter definitions"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter names"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter list"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter syntax"

- changed "/cls/ info parameter definition ?name?"

into "/cls/ info parameter definitions ?name?"

since ir returns a list. Still, "list" or "syntax" won't

be plural

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Property reform part 1:

- disallow protection modifiers for "properties" and

add new flag "-accessor" to "property" and "variable"

This changes definitions like

Class create C {

:property {a a1}

:public property {b b1}

:protected property {c c1}

:private property {d d1}



Class create C {

:property {a a1}

:property -accessor public {b b1}

:property -accessor protected {c c1}

:property -accessor private {d d1}


since "properties" are always public accessible

over the "configure" and "cget" interface, but the

accessors methods might not be public. The value of

the accessor might be also "none" (specifying explicitely

that no accessor is wanted) or "", which means: use the default.

Same holds for "variable"

- disallow parameter option "incremental" and change it to a flag

of the property or variable. The motivation for this is due to

the fact, that "incremental" is a property of the accessor, and

not of the value.


Class create C {

:property foo:int,incremental

:variable bar:int,incremental



Class create C {

:property -incremental foo:int

:variable -incremental bar:int


- disallow "public class property" and friends since these are not needed

- removed parameter property "noaccessor"

- removed "nx::configure defaultPropertyCallProtection" and

method hook "__default_property_call_protection"

- introduced "nx::configure defaultAccessor" and

method hook "__default_accessor"

- for the time being, "defaultAccessor" is "public" for NX and XOTcl,

will be changed to "none" in NX

- extended regression test (new file properties.test)

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nx.tcl: - rename the following internally called methods (not for XOTcl). alloc -> __alloc dealloc -> __dealloc objectparameter -> __objectparameter recrate -> __recreate - from these methods, only __objectparameter is defined per default, the others are defined on demand

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- rename nx::Object.configure to nx::Object.__configure to free method name "configure" for an e.g. tk-like configure

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- extended regression test

- don't allow method to overwrite child object - extended regression test - documented new feature as incompatibility with XOTcl 1

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- don't allow object creation to overwrite non-object cmds (e.g. procs)

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- changed object->flags from "unsigend short" to "unsigned int" - reintroduced NSF_TCL_DELETE to address bug flagged from memdebug - extended regression test

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