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improve spelling

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* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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Improve spelling

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- nx: added flag "-debug" and "-deprecated" to methods "method" "object method" "alias" "object alias" "forward" "object forward" such one can use e.g. /cls/ public alias -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /cls/ public forward -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /cls/ public method -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object alias -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object forward -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object method -deprecated|-debug /method/ ...

- added new cmd:

nsf::method::property /obj/ ?-per-object? /method/ exists

to check, whether a method is defined for an object.

- output triggered via "-debug" is now generated via the

tcl functions "nsf::debug::call" and "nsf::debug::exit",

that can be redefined (similar to e.g. nsf::deprecated)

- cleanup of nsfProfile.c commands

- extended regression test

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ListMethod(): Make sure that 'info method exists' returns 0 for (plain) NX objects; added some tests

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Reflect recent parameter syntax change in corresponding test

nx.tcl: pluralism reform part 3 - introduced simple plural form "mixins" and "filters" for introspection - moved differentiated interface into slot methods. the slot methods "get" stay symmetrically to "set", but additional methods "classes" or "methods" are used like "guard" to obtain partial results of the mixin and filter specs - changed info methods /cls/ info mixin classes -> /cls/ info mixins /cls/ info filter methods -> /cls/ info filters /obj/ info object mixin classes -> /obj/ info object mixins /obj/ info object filter methods -> /obj/ info object filters - dropped /cls/ info mixin guard /cls/ info filter guard /obj/ info object mixin guard /obj/ info object filter guard - added /cls/ mixin classes /cls/ filter methods /obj/ object filter methods /obj/ object mixin classes

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nx.tcl: pluralism reform part 2 - changed methods /cls/ info subclass -> /cls/ info subclasses /cls/ info superclass -> /cls/ info superclasses /cls/ mixin ... -> /cls/ mixins /cls/ filter ... -> /cls/ filters /cls/ object mixin ... -> /cls/ object mixins /cls/ object filter ... -> /cls/ object filters - changed configure parameters /cls/ configure -mixin -> /cls/ configure -mixins /cls/ configure -filter -> /cls/ configure -filters /obj/ configure -object-mixin -> /obj/ configure -object-mixins /obj/ configure -object-filter -> /obj/ configure -object-filters - added handling for calling relationslot with unknown sub method

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nsf.c: - allow abbreaviated nonpos args - change name of relationslot "superclass" to "superclasses". (part of a planned change to use plural for setvalued parameters, "info superclasses" and similar changes for mixins/filters will probably follow)

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nsf.c: - relax the meaning of noleadingdash to allow negative numbers - rename noleadingdash to e.g. nodashalnum

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Add basic test for unexpected-#-args error in ensembles

- added experimental code feature CYCLIC_MIXIN_ERROR

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- update of TODO and regression test

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nsf.c: - added options to filter output from ::nsf::cmd::info parameter options (args, syntax, parameter) - deleted: - "/obj/ info lookup configure parameters ?pattern?" - "/obj/ info lookup configure syntax" - added: - "/obj/ info lookup parameters /methodName/ ?pattern?" - "/obj/ info lookup syntax /methodName/ ?pattern?" This covers as well - "/obj/ info lookup parameters configure|create|new|... ?pattern?" - extend regression test

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- simplify slot parameter settings for object-mixins and object-filter lightly by omitting redundant methodname

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- minor cleanup

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nx.tcl - switch from "/obj/ info parameter" -> "nsf::parameter::get" to reduce potential semantic confusion of info options. "info parameter" was not object/class specific at all, but is just a syntax extractor

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- added methods "info lookup filters ?-guards? ?/pattern/?" and "info lookup methods *-guards? ?/pattern/?" - extended regression test

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- name parameter option "slotset" instead of "slotassign"

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nx.tcl, xotcl2.tcl: - use value=* as names for interally called and forwarder-called accessor methods - disallow "assign" for nx::variableSlots

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- enforce using "set" for filter/object-filter in slot operations (same as for mixins)

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nx.tcl: - add "set" as a method name for relation slots - implemented relation slot "mixin" and "object-mixin" via "slotassign" to disallow "/obj/ mixin /value/" and "/obj/ object mixin /value/" to use instead "/obj/ mixin set /value/" and "/obj/ object mixin set /value/" while keeping "configure" and "cget" working. This has the advantage that "/obj/ mixin set" does not try to replace the mixin chain by "set" - adapted regression test - TODO: check, if we need the explicit "slotassign"? isn't the presence of the slotObj sufficient? maybe "-forwardToSlot" in relationSlots? - TODO: demangle "slotassign" in "ObjectParameterSlot protected method getParameterOptions" and check interactions - TODO: to the same as -mixin and -object-mixin to -filter and -object-filter - TODO: clean up relation slot mixin variants - TODO: do we really like the fact that we have to write now "B mixin set M2" instead of "B mixin M2"? - TODO: should we disallow "B mixin" and enforce instead of "B mixin get" ? - TODO: we could as well allow "B mixin clear" instead of "B mixin set {}" - TODO: allow "set" for variable slots as well. Do we need "assign"?

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- add flag "-onerror" to nsf::forward::method to handle errors during dispatch of a forwarder (not all error messags of forwarder are already transformed) - added log-level Info which prints always, e.g. for "-verbose" flag of forwarder - drop setter-rule from properties (use always forwarder) - drop "/obj/ /prop/" and "/obj/ /prop/ /value/" in favor of "/obj/ /prop/ get" and "/obj/ /prop/ assign /value/" to achieve better orthogonality with e.g. incremental properties

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- library/nx/nx.tcl: Pulling out method contracts (pre- and postconditions) from NX for the time being. Corresponding tests have been commented out or, if applicable, turned into XOTcl2-specific tests.

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nsf.c: - fix case, where NsfDStringPrintf() failed (when print llength including \0 was 1 byte longer than print buffer) - make sure, that the list kept for the cached parameter is just built from unshared objects; otherwise Tcl append will abort


- new package "nx::volatile"

- don't define configure parameter "-volatile" per default;

use "package req nx::volatile" instead

- don't define per method "volatile" per default;

use "::nsf::method::require ::nx::Object volatile" instead

- get rid of -volatile in nx.tcl and serializer

- update/extend regression test

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nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx: - allow copy of objects with required arguments - use ::nsf::object::alloc in "copy" method - don't depend on method "trace", use directdispatch instead - remove method "-noinit" (nsf::object::alloc makes it obsolete) - extend regression test

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- nsf: added switch "-checkalways" to nsf::method::create - nx: added switch "checkalways" to "method" and "object method" - extended regression test

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nx::test: - change test cases to newer interface - don't use "namespace import nx::*" in test cases when not required

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- changed multiplicity of mixin, object-mixin, filter, object-filter from 1..n to 0..n; rationale: when one has a list of eg. mixins, which should be passed, one has to test for the length before passing it, otherwise the empty list would generate an error. Allowing 0..n makes the usage simpler and the program shorter.

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