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improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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improve spelling

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use consistently US spelling variation

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fix typos

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Improve spelling

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nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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- use tcl8.5 commands instead of 8.4 idioms

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nx::test: - change test cases to newer interface - don't use "namespace import nx::*" in test cases when not required

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- renamed initblock parameter from __initcmd to __initblock - renamed nsf::configure parameter from "keepinitcmds" to "keepcmds" - saving "keepcmds" in an associative array named "__cmd(/parameternName)" to allow saving of multiple parmeters with less nameclash danger (when application stays away from variables stating with double underscore)

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- library/lib/nxdoc-core.tcl: Major refactoring accomplished: Managed to refactor the validation code into a separate module, obtain a better separation between the backend implementations, ... Relocate the validate() method implementations into the Validator mixin layer. Validation (the validate cascade) is now triggered from within the mixin layer ... further improves the separation of concerns in nxdoc ... Also, moved frontend code into two distinct Tcl packages: We now distinguish between the DC ("Documentation Comments") and the XODoc frontends. I also remastered the entire frontend handling and disentangled the various concerns: specifying documentation sources, 1st- and 2nd pass handling, etc. - Support for document multiple Tcl packages per NXDoc project. Multi-package support, plus validation mode for packages, adding missing files to the repo - tests/doc.test: General cleanup, deactivated some tests for the time being (till the DC interface settles) - library/lib/nxdoc-core.tcl: Removed dead comments and dead codex - YUIDoc template suite: Added Monikas recent adaptations/extensions. I still have to check the resource paths for the xowiki backend, which are most probably broken for now. - Adjusted TODO for accomplished tasks.

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- apps/utils/nxdoc: Created a first version of a command-line script around the nxdoc machinery, for Makefile integration. - Added two experimental nxdoc make-targets: [make yuidoc] and [make xowiki]. In addition, provided for a doc-specific cleanup target: [make cleandoc]. Also changed the way TCLLIBPATH is initialised for makefile runs, to preserve the surrounding environment settings. - tests/doc.test: Deactivated obsolete sections; actual cleanup is pending. - Refactored nxdoc code fragments into sub-packages, namely the html and xowiki rendering components; renamed some file and directory. - Some necessary adjustments to make nxdoc work with the new property/variable nomenclature; spotted some misbehaviour of [namespace import] when running under 8.6b2 (to be investigated; see XOTcl-lanfRef.xotcl)

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- renamed "nsf::method::dispatch" to "nsf::directdispatch" - renamed "nsf::object::dispatch" to "nsf::dispatch"

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- nx.tcl * renamed "attribute" to "property" * renamed "defaultAttributeCallProtection" to "defaultPropertyCallProtection" * renamed "nx::Attribute" to ""nx::VariableSlot" * renamed "BootStrapAttributeSlot" to "BootStrapVariableSlot" * renamed "createBootstrapAttributeSlots" to "createBootstrapVariableSlots" * removed method attributes * implemented old attributes definition in xotcl2 as method "parameter"

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- regularized more nsf::* names: renamed "nsf::createobjectsystem" => "nsf::objectsystem::create" renamed "nsf::unknown" => "nsf::object::unknown" renamed "nsf::dispatch" => "nsf::object::dispatch"

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- Adjusted nxdoc for the latest changes in the nsf/nx core: - library/lib/doc-tools.tcl: Reflected the renaming of class-object to final; substituted the new positioning declaration for the old-style objectparameter shadowing on Entity (for @doc); some minor cleanup - tests/doc.test: A number of tests did not survive the continued renaming from object -> class-object -> class; fixed them.

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- nsf: renamed nsf::isobject to nsf::object::exists - nsf: renamed nsf::qualify to nsf::object::qualify

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* Hopefully the last big naming change: Instead of writing "C class-object method foo {} {...}" one can write now "C class method foo {} {...}" to define a class method named "foo" for class "C". This naming change became possible by defining XOTcl's "class" (and "superclass") as object parameter only. To change a class of an object o, one has to use "o configure -class NEWCLASS". The term "object-class" looks alien to language beginners, the term "class" is much more straightforward. Changing classes or superclasses is seldomly used by typicall application programs.

For already existing nx scripts, changing "object-class" into

class should be straightforward.

* various documentation updates (migration guide, nx tutorial)

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Activating xowiki export for nsf and xotcl2 docs

- changed names of var handling commands in nsf: ::nsf::existsvar => ::nsf::var::exists ::nsf::importvar => ::nsf::var::import ::nsf::setvar => ::nsf::var::set

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- changed named of method handling commands in nsf: ::nsf::provide_method => ::nsf::method::provide ::nsf::require_method => ::nsf::method::require

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- changed named of method handling commands in nsf: ::nsf::methodproperty => ::nsf::method::property ::nsf::method => ::nsf::method::create ::nsf::methoddelete => ::nsf::method::delete ::nsf::alias => ::nsf::method::alias ::nsf::forward => ::nsf::method::forward ::nsf::setter => ::nsf::method::setter (updated regression test, docs, ...)

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- Added a first version of an xowiki renderer - Reworked the renderer infrastructure to allow for refining templates between renderers (e.g., xowiki-like links in the yuidoc theme etc.) introduces - Templates can now also be defined, stored, and maintained through Tcl scripts (rather than separate template files only). - Clarified the concepts of theme/layout/renderer etc. Major cleanup. - yuidoc: Fixed an issue with setting filter css classes while no filter checkboxes are available.

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Removed noinit from the filter list

- Reactivated and extended the filtering support around the yuidoc theme. One can now filter according to various entity states (deprecated, missing, mismatch, protected, ...) - filter.html.yuidoc: Refactored the checkbox battery into a proper template. - Fixed some typos in templates - library/lib/doc-assets/yuidoc/ac-js: Refined the checkbox/visibility mechanism to honour defaultChecked states of checkboxes. - library/lib/doc-assets/yuidoc/api.css: checkbox/visibility selectors are now based on composite class selectors. - Removed @modifier and related selection statements throughout the code. Background: The call-protection state is inferred during verification, so there is no need to actually declare a method protected. Also, filtering in the templates breaks orthogonality when it comes to rendering doc entities at various spots (leftbar, ...). Method filtering can be applied during the initial processing step or visually in the final output. - Added print names for per-object methods

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- Simplified the render()/include() mechanism: I provide for some context-aware auto-completion of template specifics (name, format, theme). This avoids declaring template specifics redundantly. - For this purpose, renamed some of the templates to reflect their doc entity names: @object -> @object.html.asciidoc|yuidoc. - Theme-specific assets are now stored in a subdir of doc-assets/, named after the theme: doc-assets/yuidoc, doc-assets/asciidoc. - Adding the asciidoc assets subdir, including the asciidoc css - Renamed the theme "tmpl" to "yuidoc": This required to change the corresponding template extensions (*.tmpl -> *.yuidoc) and the include()/render() statements throughout the templates. - Removed the unneeded source.html.tmpl

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- "asciidoc" theme: Completed a first template suite which renders an nxdoc project in terms of the html4/xhtml11 asciidoc backend. Added new templates: singlefile.html.asciidoc, class.html.asciidoc, attributemethod.html.asciidoc, command.html.asciidoc, link.html.asciidoc, listing.html.asciidoc, method.html.asciidoc, object.html.asciidoc, package.html.asciidoc, submethod.html.asciidoc. - nxdoc now distinguishes between rendering format, layout (multifile, singlefile, chunked) and refactored. All layout/format/theme handling, for now, is provided by ::nx::doc::Renderer. - First step towards refactoring/automating template resolution; see the TemplateData class. In a further step, this will permit us to remove redundant declarations of template details in render() and include() statements. - List and link generation are now adaptable based on dedicated templates per theme, e.g., link.html.tmpl|asciidoc. Note that these file-based templates might be replaced by scripted ones at a later point. - Fixed pretty naming of @package - Various refactorings, e.g. renderer mixin layers are now objects, rather than classes.

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- library/lib/doc-tools.tcl: Some fixes, including adjusting @class.inherited() to return only doc entities of classes which are part of the same project as the inheritee. - library/lib/doc-tools.tcl: Integrated an xodoc-compat infrastructure and provided for processing xodoc packages (see processor.process=@package()). - tests/doc.test: Now also serves a nxdoc port of the XOTcl-langref package - library/xotcl/doc/langRef.xotcl: equipped with an empty namespace declaration (to please pkg_mkIndex.tcl) and import ::xotcl::@ by default (for convenience).

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- doc-tools: added "-where" to !get - doc-tools: title to internal links, provided css class, added nicer label - updated reference doc

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Added exclude filter for nx doc, fixed typo in @glossary entry

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- nsf.nxd: Completed a first draft version of the NSF reference (needs to be revised and improved in further iterations) - doc-tools.tcl: Fixed an issue with closing comment blocks (the last comment line closes with an eof), previously dropped silently by the processor.

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