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* tcl86.test, nsf-cmd.test, forward.test, destroy.test: Make sure to run all 8.6+/ 8.7+ specific tests also under Tcl 9

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Added support for compiling with Tcl 9.0 (Many Thanks to Jan Nijtmans for first steps)

This version compiles cleanly at least with Tcl 8.6.* and Tcl 9.0 (fossil trunk),

having -pedantic and -Wextra defined.

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typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings

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fix typos

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Fix another 86/85 glitch

Make test suite working under 8.5, again.

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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

- Use more modern returnstate handling based on options - extend regression test

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* contains.test: Add two test cases to document the recent fix on error and errorcode propagation in contains.

nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx.tcl: - replaced functionality of "/obj/ configure" by "/obj/ info configure" to re-enable semantics of the plain configure method, even when called without arguments. "/obj/ info configure" is actually a convenience method to allow to write o1 info configure instead of o1 info lookup configure syntax

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- syntax formatter: use /value/ for denoting placeholder in "... info method syntax ..."

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Object-method Reform: - changed interface to object specific commands by requiring an ensemble named "object". The rational behind is essentially to use always the same info command to retrieve object specific methods, no matter whether these are defined on a plain object or an a class object (does not break the "contract" what e.g. "info method" returns).

Now we define methods via:

/cls/ method foo {args} {...body...}

/cls/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

/obj/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

Similarly, aliases, forwards and mixins are defined, e.g.

/cls/ mixin add ...

/cls/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ require object method ...

The same change propagated as well to the "info" method.

Now we have:

/cls/ info methods ...

/cls/ info object methods ...

/obj/ info object methods ...

Similar, the object parametererization uses

/cls/ create obj -object-mixin M

/cls/ create obj -object-filter f

/metacls/ create cls -mixin M1 -object-mixin M2

/metacls/ create cls -filter f1 -object-filter f2

- as a consequence,

a) "/cls/ class method ...",

"/cls/ class alias ...",

"/cls/ class forward ...",

"/cls/ class filter ...",

"/cls/ class mixin ...",

"/cls/ class info ..."

"/obj/ class method require method ..."

"/obj/ class method require public method ..."

"/obj/ class method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ class method require private method ..."

were dropped

b) "/obj/ method ....",

"/obj/ alias ....",

"/obj/ forward ...."

"/obj/ filter ...."

"/obj/ mixin ...."

"/obj/ info method*"

"/cls/ create obj -mixin M"

"/cls/ create obj -filter f"

"/obj/ method require method ..."

"/obj/ method require public method ..."

"/obj/ method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ method require private method ..."

were dropped

- added package nx::class to allow optionally the "class" notation

"/cls/ class method ..." (and friends, see (a)), and

"/cls/ class info ...

- added package nx::plain-object-method to allow optionally plain method

b) "/obj/ method ...." (and friends, see (b))

- add support to slots to use ensemble methods as setters

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- nsf.c: start all error messages with a lower case word for consistency and to follow closer to Tcl's conventions

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- minor cleanup, added regression test

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- make sure to use "XOTcl 2.0" instead of just XOTcl in "package req" to avoid confusions due to beta state - remove more obsolete and untested files

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- nx.tcl: simplified ::nx::ScopedNew to ::nx::NsScopedNew: before it was necessary to create a new volatile class for every invocaton of contains. - extended regression test

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nsf.c: * fixed recration of object alias with a alias to a different cmd

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- fixed small memory leak in error case

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- nx.tcl * renamed "attribute" to "property" * renamed "defaultAttributeCallProtection" to "defaultPropertyCallProtection" * renamed "nx::Attribute" to ""nx::VariableSlot" * renamed "BootStrapAttributeSlot" to "BootStrapVariableSlot" * renamed "createBootstrapAttributeSlots" to "createBootstrapVariableSlots" * removed method attributes * implemented old attributes definition in xotcl2 as method "parameter"

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* Hopefully the last big naming change: Instead of writing "C class-object method foo {} {...}" one can write now "C class method foo {} {...}" to define a class method named "foo" for class "C". This naming change became possible by defining XOTcl's "class" (and "superclass") as object parameter only. To change a class of an object o, one has to use "o configure -class NEWCLASS". The term "object-class" looks alien to language beginners, the term "class" is much more straightforward. Changing classes or superclasses is seldomly used by typicall application programs.

For already existing nx scripts, changing "object-class" into

class should be straightforward.

* various documentation updates (migration guide, nx tutorial)

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- renamed object parameter type "method" to "alias" - removed parameter option "slotobj=" in toParameterSyntax - renamed to [from|to]parameterSyntax to [from|to]parameterSpec

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- add regression test

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- added further tests for the object-system specific resolver

- Experimental Object-System specific resolver in method bodies (allows resolving to the "right" next, self, etc. without namespace imports/paths) - deactivated automatic namespace path copying for child-objects - extended regression test

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- nx.tcl: removed debugging output - nx.tcl: added syntactic sugar to "method" and "alias" for return value checking. One can write now: Class create C { :public method foo {a:int b:int} -> int { return [expr {$a + $b}] } } - extended regression test

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- changed relation handling by evaluating the relationcmd in the parent context to keep evaluation order. - extend introspection "nsf::configure objectsystem": the command returns now all system methods in the syntax of nsf::createobjectsystem - "nsf::createobjectsystem" creates now a warning when an existing objectsystem is redefined and ignores the new definition attempt. This was done with the purpose to allow "package forget nx; package require nx" - Allow overwriting of redefine protected method during bootstrap to ease "package forget nx; package require nx" - forward had just "-objscope", no general "-frame method|object". Since forwarder have client data, they always push a method frame. So, the situation is different to nsd::alias and ::nsf::dispatch. Therefore, the flag "-objscope" was renamed to "-objectframe" to provide better consistency with "-frame object" - fixed bug, where error handling of invalid options in ForwardProcessOptions() could lead to a crash - return forwardoption "-earlybinding" via instrospection - extended regression test

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- added "nosetter" automatically, when attribute "<name>:method" is used

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- improving error messages from argument parser - test "namespace current" and "self" in "contains" and "slots" regression test

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- added new contains definition based on "apply" instead of "namespace eval". Main intention is to replace SKIP_LEVELS by SKIP_LAMBDA - added functionality to use ":attribute contains:method,nosetter" - added regression test for contains and attributes of type method

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