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make test more generic

Previously the test failed, since the file, which was read, was

changing its size. Now, the number of expected chunks is computed

depending on the actual file size.

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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- make gridfs test more robust

* nsf-gridfs.test: Add one more piece of harness to test suite [skip ci]

* library/mongodb/*: Ran NSF MongoDB tests, against MongoDB 4.0.9 and Mongo-C driver 1.14.0 (both, latest stable); updated README.md accordingly, and fixed gridfs tests that hadn't been corrected for renaming README to README.md

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Fix typos

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- extending the README file requires a small adjustment on a test case, working on the README file

MongoDB upgrade - Upgraded MongoDB and drivers to mongodb-c-driver 1.5.1, libbson 1.5.1 and MongoDB v3.4.0

- The upstream mongodb-c-driver has deprecated the old OP_QUERY syntax

with $-modifiers and old names like $orderby and $query, which will

be removed from the driver. The new interface is more in the mongodb

style, many former parameters (e.g. -limit, -skip, -project, -sort)

went to the new "-opts" argument.

mongo::collection::query /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

mongo::cursor::find /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

See the begin of nsf-mongo.test file for examples for queries

with the old and new interface. The high level interface

for nx::Object is unchanged.

- Support for new binary type "decimal128"

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nx-monogo: - Updated the mongo-c-driver and libbson to the actual tip version from github (this is a significant change, since 10gen essentially changed the officially supported c-driver of MongoDB) - mongo-c-driver was more or less new-implementation, since strucure and names changed in the mongo-c-driver substantially, serveral functions were added, several were dropped. The new interface supports now e.g. mongo URIs, and should be faster (by using collection objects instead of connection handles) - Although the low-level nsf interface changed significantly, the high level (nx level) interface remained unaffected. - Configure has now --with-mongoc=... and --with-bson instead of --with-mongodb - New commands: mongo::collection::open /mongoConn/ /dbName/ /collectionName/ mongo::collection::close /collection/ mongo::gridfs::store_string /content/ /name/ /contentType/ - Make use of the new collection handle mongo::count /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::count /collection/ ... mongo::index /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::index /collection/ ... mongo::insert /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::insert /collection/ ... mongo::query /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::query /collection/ ... mongo::remove /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::delete /collection/ ... mongo::update /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::update /collection/ ... mongo::cursor::find /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::cursor::find /collection/ ... - nsf::mongo::connect receives now a mongoc_uri https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-c-driver/blob/master/doc/mongoc_uri.txt - The gridfs interface allows now to store multiple revisions of a file - The gridfs interface allows now upload files from a string - The gridfs interface allows to refer to files by other attributes than just the filename (e.g. the mongo id). - Modified/new gridfile functions mongo::gridfile::create ?-source file|string? /gridfs/ /value/ /name/ /contentType/ mongo::gridfile::delete /gridfs/ /query/ mongo::gridfile::open /gridfs/ /query/ - Updated README - Updated regression test - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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- make test more robust

mongodb: - integrated configuration of mongodb into toplevel configfile option: --with-mongodb=MONGO_INCLUDE_DIR,MONGO_LIB_DIR - added regression test files for mongodb support (lowlevel (tcl-only) and highlevel (nx based oo support)) - integrated mongodb-testfiles with "make test" - reduced verbosity of nx-mongo.tcl (added verbosty variable)

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