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Added missing dependency for forcing recompilation

*, configure: Re-worked pkgIndex.tcl handling

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*, doc/*.css: Replace prince with Chrome headless for PDF doc generation, PDF-specific CSS now organised as @media print queries.

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fix line break

don't include "package provide" tcl command in pkgIndex.tcl file, since the binary performs the provide operation

Pack Tcl-version into name for Tcl 9.*

With Tcl 9, it is possible to install nsf for 8.7 and 9.0 parallel in

the same directories. The trick is naming the shared library

"" instead of "" when compiled with

Tcl 9.0 (keeping the original name when compiled with Tcl 8.x).

many thanks to Jan Nijtmans for the patch

Whitespace cleanup

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Added support for compiling with Tcl 9.0 (Many Thanks to Jan Nijtmans for first steps)

This version compiles cleanly at least with Tcl 8.6.* and Tcl 9.0 (fossil trunk),

having -pedantic and -Wextra defined.

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make it possible to pass "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=..." to Makefile

added target for clang-tidy, fine-tuning of compile flags

reduce useless output of "make test"

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Save intermediate state

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Add script to automatically configure auto_path if needed. Refactor shell script generation routines into build.tcl

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* Avoid pathnames as targets and target dependencies, as they may break make in presence of colons or whitespaces in pathnames as set by autoconf (e.g., --prefix=/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35 or --exec-prefix=/tmp/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35). Thanks to Héctor Romojaro for reporting.

fine-tuning of gcc warnings

remove "-Wabi" for standard intense checking - more troubles then benefits

address dtrace triggers from Makefile, although not configured

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try to simplify Makefile dependencies for DTRACE

fix typo

*, win/ Add TCL_PKG_PREFER_LATEST to avoid version hickups (stable beating latest) somewhere from TCLLIBPATH etc.

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keep COMMIT file (as indicated in README.release)

Don't add file COMMIT to tar file

fix typos

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add starmethod design study

  1. … 2 more files in changeset. Polishing

update genstub path to recent versions of Tcl releases

* msgcat.test: Added a small collection of basic tests covering msgcat usage from within NSF/NX objects and classes. Tested successfully with mainline Tcl 8.6 and the TIP-490 branch "tip490-msgcat-oo-2".

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extend regression test

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Use snprintf() instead of sprintf() to protect better against potential buffer overflows

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Improve portability (restict length of literal strings <= 4095)

Adress literal limitaton in ISO C99, that requires compilers to support

only strings up to 4095 bytes. As a consequence, we have to split

the compiled-in literal commands into two parts.

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Add more tidy and checking compiler flags