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make it possible to pass "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=..." to Makefile

added target for clang-tidy, fine-tuning of compile flags

reduce useless output of "make test"

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* Avoid pathnames as targets and target dependencies, as they may break make in presence of colons or whitespaces in pathnames as set by autoconf (e.g., --prefix=/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35 or --exec-prefix=/tmp/data/bin-2019-10-04:19:39:35). Thanks to Héctor Romojaro for reporting.

fine-tuning of gcc warnings

remove "-Wabi" for standard intense checking - more troubles then benefits

address dtrace triggers from Makefile, although not configured

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try to simplify Makefile dependencies for DTRACE

fix typo

*, win/ Add TCL_PKG_PREFER_LATEST to avoid version hickups (stable beating latest) somewhere from TCLLIBPATH etc.

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keep COMMIT file (as indicated in README.release)

Don't add file COMMIT to tar file

fix typos

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add starmethod design study

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update genstub path to recent versions of Tcl releases

* msgcat.test: Added a small collection of basic tests covering msgcat usage from within NSF/NX objects and classes. Tested successfully with mainline Tcl 8.6 and the TIP-490 branch "tip490-msgcat-oo-2".

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extend regression test

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Use snprintf() instead of sprintf() to protect better against potential buffer overflows

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Improve portability (restict length of literal strings <= 4095)

Adress literal limitaton in ISO C99, that requires compilers to support

only strings up to 4095 bytes. As a consequence, we have to split

the compiled-in literal commands into two parts.

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Add more tidy and checking compiler flags

add properties tutorial to test set

* Unify ASCIIDOC exec configuration.

- adjust pdf generation for newer versions of prince

- add make target lldbtest

* nsfDebug.c, Provide for the commit id (if available) to be stored in the variable "::nsf::commit".

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- remove duplicated flag

- make cppcheckcmd configurable


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- add flags for more detailed debugging (optional)