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- add commented line for preferdbi

- bump version numbers for beta release

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
- fix for bug #3226; many thanks to Andrew Helsley for reporting

- don't assume that the global variable errorInfo is always set

Use new proc 'category::ad_form::fill_widgets' when embedding categorization into ::Generic::Form

Added new proc 'category::ad_form::fill_widgets' used when editing an existing object that has category mappings.

See http://www.openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=4192799 for details.

Bugfix in ::Generic::List :

- small refactor of methods to avoid naming conflicts with list properties. This caused weird issues if library wasn't manually reloaded after startup.

Bugfix in ::Generic::Form :

- let edit_data and new_data methods return object_id instead of item_id, because item_id is not a real field of acs_objects and this causes issues when enabling category mapping.

- move transaction enclosing from edit_data and new_data methods definition to the final form declaration, so category mapping code will be in the transaction too

- Fixed bug when someone doesn't want edit button to be autogenerated

- Fixed bug when someone doesn't specify any orderby for the list

- provide an "update" method for plain object similiar to an "insert" method

Use 'eval' instead of '{*}' for row_code in 'List multirow', as we need complete, multiline evaluation there

Bugfix: some URLs in page were broken because of double urlencoding. See http://www.openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=4190790

The add package form is not the only form in the html document when e.g. developer support is activated. Therefore

we name it and look for it using its name.

Renamed util::unzip_file to util::unzip and util::zip_file to util::zip. Fixed procedure call in file-storage

Small bugfix, small improvement in documentation

New class ::Generic::List intended for an easier creation of boring list UIs for generic acs_objects

Added util::unzip_file utility

Use full command path when invoking zip utility. Also check for zip presence on the system.

Introduced new util::zip_file command to create zip files programmatically in an OS independent manner.

- don't call package-initialize for uri /. In recent changes in microsft windows, the dav handler changed to query the OPTIONS and PROPFIND on the root url which can cause problems, when we try to call package-initialize on an acs-subsite.

Modified ::Generic::Form class letting handle also plain acs_objects instead of only cr_items

- avoid namespace code when namespace is empty

Revert changes in xo::db::require table, as new definition is already handled

- update version numbers and dependencies

    • -3
    • +3
- Fixed regression in fallback utilities

- Fixed regression in ::xo::db::require table due to argment 'definition' being now in dict format

Added transitional code for installations running with acs-kernel prior to version 5.8.1a6,

or later before running upgrade scripts: some ::xo::db::sql::utility methods would be missing,

so they are transitionally defined on the fly.

- add attribute "create_table_attribute" to "::xo::db::Attribute" to

contol the creation of somewhat magic attributes (e.g. "text" of the

acs content repository)

Fixed wrong version number for upgrade scripts and package info file from version 5.8.1a5 to 5.8.1a6

file upgrade-5.8.1a5-5.8.1a6.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

Commented log statements used while testing

Fixed bug due to typos