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- add missing ::xo::db::DB method "transaction"

- fix commented out statement, causes troubles with multiline sql statements

- fix for bug #3217 (xss vulnerbility found by AppScan, reported by Andrew Helsley)

- fix for bug #3216 (xss vulnerbility found by AppScan)

- remove unneeded files

- uplevel one level higher when substituting variables, cmds in named SQL queries

- add "-title" to Package.make_form_link

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-fix typo

- perform substitution when fetching sql via query names

- fix typo

- fix typo

- change tabs into spaces

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- disable YUI menu-buttons cvs CSS

-replace tabs with spaces

- added stub for defining ::acs::preferdbi for early adaptors

* use new interface in order to be able to use dbi-*

* updated dependencies

* bumped revision number

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* overworked db-abstraction layer with support for dbi_*

* dbi_* support is per default deactivated, can be activated via

e.g. setting ::acs::preferdbi to 1 in 0-acs-init.tcl

* bump version number to use dependencies for packages, using the new interface

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- use just first command word 2dn column of database statistics

- stick for database operations on the ms level, but use floating point numbers

- report times from developer support below ms granularity

- fix toolbar buttons of ds

- add missing key

- fix incorrect message key

- provide compatibility with nsf 2.0b6, which has "-noinit" removed

- treat invalid byte ranges as described in rfc2616-sec14

- make sure to delete cr_delete_orphans only files from the cr

- write entry to deletion log before writing to disk, extend mutex

- use 4-space tab indent

- added update of xml-based release note to release steps

- added missing release info for OpenACS 5.8.0

file content-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.

file content-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-8.


- new public function "cr_cleanup_orphaned_files" to clean up orphaned

files incrementally based on cr-file creation log

- added "cr_cleanup_orphaned_files" to "cr_delete_scheduled_files"

to perform cleanup automatically

- new function to handle cr-file creation log, which is used to

removed orphaned files (created by aborted transactions)

- the function "cr_check_orphaned_files" can still be used

for cleaning up orphaned files from times before the

cr-file creation log was in place (that is from the birth of

OpenACS until now).


- new function "ad_mutex_eval" for safely executing

tcl commands under a mutex lock