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Rolling back previos commit for 2 reasons: 1. this branch is closed; 2. the change not needed.

Retriving nextvalue of sequence using nextval sequence function.

- improve naming

- allow multiple renderers for categories

Add views dependency

Fix xinha support

Update for 5.5.

Add template::head

Conditionally support ajax image chooser.

Support tinymce 3

commit patches c/o Luis Riveiro regarding permissions and controlling what is hidden/shown, enabled, disabled in the toolbars

Switched to the new subsite theme param scheme.

Improved support for the ThemeCSS subsite param, provided the upgrade

script, and bumped the version number.

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adding batch process controls

process enhancements, bug fixes in auto-adding categories, moving batch procs to separate file for easier dynamic handling via apm

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formating and shopping lingo updates, fixing url references for some of the newer added features

Bump version number, add tinymce default config parameter

Last missing files on tinymce upgrade

Update plugins

  1. … 78 more files in changeset.
Remove backup file. Add js.

More TinyMCE

Still trying to correctly add tinymce3

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Update to tinymce 3

  1. … 82 more files in changeset.
Remove old plugins

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
- keep mixin list in translation mode

- add adp property "displayed_object_id" to provided templates

- eval filter expression in get_form_entries in the context of the form pages

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quick refactor to the chrome bug fix victor did, at some point we'll need to eliminate this entry

Add carousel image loader

remove comments

remove java-upload folder

Change the order of the line added in the previous commit for a new question type, new question types should be added at the end to avoid changing the order of the current question types because in item-add.adp the types are displayed using the indexes

- fix typo

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- extend is_true for instance attributes

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