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Check if portlet if shaded before any other check.

Would fail computing views if no file_id was provided. Since both version_id and file_id are optional (...), added a check to fill file_id is empty or doesn't exist.

Added lintian overrides

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Reintroduced the form to switch between locales that has been removed by Malte in previous commits

Added description and runlevel information to parallelize the boot process

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Added system name in the from of the verification email sent to the user

Added I18N support to debconf templates files

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Export return_url in the send-email form

Fixed some lintian errors

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HTML Strict cleanup

Enclosed legend text in span so a style can be applied to it if needed. Applied implicit association for checkbox/radio by wrapping the formfield with the label tag. Don't generate empty div blocks (e.g. when label is empty)

Fixed for spellcheck. We want to match only the enabled languages.

added outional output escaping for form entries of type label, better handling for including _text in forms

Added tsearch tables checks

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CV:mprove the search, and get back only one element in cases where file names are similar Like my_page.html and my_page.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------------

*** empty log message ***

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Mark invoice payments to be captured.

Added missing keys and translated to es_ES

HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

Set focus for user-info form

Set mktree_remember to remember the state of the tree

HTML Strict cleanup

Added the mktree_remember global variable so scripts that use mktree can decide if they want to keep the state of tree or not (mktree_remember defaults to false)

make component handling more robust

make timezone parsing more robust

adjustments for wymeditor

adjust wym editor support for richtext changes

corregir busqueda por problema de archivos con nombres similares que solo cambia una letra en el nombre ej. index.html y index.htm